The bed-in-a-box has quickly become popular online and in stores as an inexpensive alternative to the traditional bed, but without sacrificing any of the comfort of the latter. A growing number of people are buying them now due to their easy availability online. What compounds that is that a bed-in-a-box is also easily and quickly deliverable right to your front door.

Not everyone, however, buys a bed-in-a-box strictly to get a bed in their bedroom. There are other great ideas for a bed-in-a-box and some might just surprise you. Here are a few old and new uses for a bed-in-a-box:

  • For a guest room. Families have friends and family stay over all of the time at their houses, condos, and apartments. For those who have an extra room in which company can stay, they want their guests to have a comfortable night, but there might not always be space for it.

In the cases where people have a fully dedicated room as a guest room, a bed-in-a-box in an inexpensive way to give those guests a comfortable stay at an affordable price. A bed-in-a-box can also look quite chic in a guest room decorated in modern styles.
For a guest room
People in condos or smaller homes tend to find the square footage in their home to be at a premium, however, and need something that is easy to store and bring out whenever it’s needed. A bed-in-a-box is a favourite to use, because it’s a mattress that can be placed in a living room or a home office for a night when company comes over instead of having to use an uncomfortable cot. When the company has left, it can be largely disassembled again and then placed back in storage.

  • For a children’s playroom. A playroom can be a magical place for a child where couches and chairs are not wanted or needed when they are on their imaginative, make-believe journeys or even when watching a movie. Having a bed in a box, instead of a couch, allows kids to play or watch films on something that’s comfortable and convenient. It can be a boat in a lake of lava or provide kids the room they want to lay down or sit up when watching the latest animated film.

Not only that, but at birthdays, sleepovers, and even when company is over, a playroom with a bed-in-a-box can act as a daybed. That makes it a great place for everyone to congregate, watch movies and build tents on for spooky stories while the parents can have their own, separate evenings if they need to.

  • For home theatres. Today, basement renovations have become a popular way to grab some more square footage in people’s homes. The days of a bar in the basement are gone in favour of more modern, and family-friendly, concepts to use up all of that extra space just going to waste.

One of the new ideas for a basement renovation is to convert one of the larger rooms into a home theatre where families and friends can enjoy a movie on the big screen with a giant bowl of popcorn. But, what does this have to do with a bed-in-a-box you ask?

Home theatres used to look like a miniature version of a regular movie theatre, complete with theatre chairs and recessed lighting. As time has gone on, however, people have begun to personalize these theatres to their own tastes. One result, for instance, has been large, recliners instead of traditional cinema chairs.
For home theatres.
Another change to the traditional home theatre is to drop the idea of chairs altogether and go for a combined space for closer families who like to all hide under the covers when watching a scary movie! For that, they get two or three inexpensive bed-in-a-boxes and create a super-bed in front of a large screen where the entire family can sit or lay down and enjoy the latest films.

  • For in-law suites. There’s no escaping the fact that the boomer generation is growing older and retiring, but retirement home availability has dropped considerably in recent years. This trend is only expected to worsen as years go on so that older generations find themselves in the position of likely needing to move in with their kids.

The result has been a lot of house renovations to create in-law or granny suites for those parents and children who come to the mutual decision to move in together. This return to multi-generational households means that people are also looking for inexpensive ways to furnish them.

A bed-in-a-box is quickly becoming a favourite as giving those parents a comfortable bed without an uncomfortable price. With the types of bed-in-a-box
available now, the bedroom of an in-law suite can be made to look fashionable and cozy, at the same time.