Who is a commercial electrician and why do I need to get one? This time saving information will help you get started when needing electrical work done in your commercial property or your residential home. Nine reasons to hire a commercial electrician when doing electrical repairs and not to try this on your own.
Call a Commercial Electrician

  1. Safety – Safety before, during and afterward. to ensure that the wiring is done correctly and that nothing else becomes a problem for the budget as well.
  2. Inspections – A commercial electrician in Emu Point will ensure that he has the necessary licenses. Also, all the inspections get completed within the appropriate timeframe.
  3. Appearance – if a commercial electrician does the work, they are going to know what the finish carpentry work should look like and it will be done with more quality workmanship. As an example, you would want your canister lighting to be lined up correctly in the ceiling and not placed in inappropriate places. Also the edges of the canister lights have metal edges that should be flush with the ceiling and not extend out too far or not fit the size of the hole cut out for it.
  4. Insurance – The correct tools need to be used to avoid damaging ceilings. What if the Commercial Electrician injures himself, or damages your property? You need to check what types of insurance he has before you give him the job.
  5. Communication – They will be able to explain thoroughly what they are doing each step of the way.
  6. Your home needs to be up to code before you can resell your home or commercial properties. So if you have done any electrical work as a lay person on your own, i.e. you changed the front porch light fixture yourself with no license; you should have an inspection done before selling or having someone else rent your home.
  7. To schedule the electrical work during times that are convenient to your family’s needs. You would be surprised at all hours of the day, that an unlicensed person may show up to do your electrical work for you. Many times they may take twice as long to get the task done as a professional as well. Then no protection is provided either upon any errors.
  8. To produce the exact type of wiring that satisfies the needs you have and want. (moving a w/d etc.) He can read the blueprints to your home and make sure the wiring is updated or increased for appropriate use. You do not need to overload a circuit. An example: an alarm clock is plugged into a wall socket, that happens to be on the same circuit as two 3-bulb light fixtures in a family room. These 3 bulbs are not suppose to go over 100 watts per fixture in total. If each bulb is a 60 watt bulb, then the light fixture is overloaded by 80 watts. This means that the alarm clock could start on fire inside the wall and you wouldn’t know it if you were at work. Scary thought, but this is why we do annual inspections on commercial properties.
  9. Clean up – should be completely taken care of correctly by a pro. There should be nothing that you need to vacuum up or carry out to the trash.

Some examples of times that you will consider having electrical work done is; special projects like updating electrical wiring in order to move an electric dryer from the basement to the first floor in an apartment building. It could be necessary to bring in additional wall sockets/electrical outlets. This can happen when a tenant has children and they each have a computer, phone, lamp, and alarm clock all in each bedroom. Many times you need to add the outlets but don’t want to exceed maximum wattage per wall.
In addition, maybe the Clubhouse needs an updated Jacuzzi, or a big screen television added over a fireplace. In these cases, consult an electrical contractor, before making plans. They will also assist in budgeting how to get these things done.

You can always find a commercial electrician online. Choose a website that has the location, name of the owner and references you may call, and a direct phone number to the company listed. How long does it take for them to answer the phone or to get back to you? This may be how long it takes in an emergency issue in the future. Be wise, be informed.