The front door is the first thing you see when you return to your apartment after a day’s work. It welcomes both hosts and guests, so it should be not only reliable, but also beautiful. Hang the numbers with the apartment number on the door, and new guests or couriers can find you faster and easier. And how not to make a mistake when choosing and installing the number; let’s deal with the “Fortress” online store team.

What are the door numbers made of?

The material affects the texture of the product and durability:

The door number is metal. It is made of ZAM – a strong zinc, aluminum and copper alloy. The digit is coated with a substance that enhances its protective properties and appearance. The digit has a smooth and shiny surface.

Plastic door digit. Quality plastic is also reliable, but it wears out faster than ZAM. The surface of the digits is smooth but does not shine.

When choosing, be guided by the overlay and the front door handle. It is better to pick a metal number with the same coating if they are glossy. If a matte, go for a plastic door number of the corresponding color.

Numbers should be matched to the color of the door:

Chrome. It is a modest light silver metal; it goes well with many colors and their shades: blue, gray, white, black, brown, and others. 

Gold. It combines deep, nondescript and pure colors: blue, scarlet, red, black and white. By gold, different manufacturers do not always mean the same thing. The figures may be bright yellow, with a distinctive glow, or they may be light, something between bronze and silver.

Remember that the number must be the same color as the decoration and the handle or match them. 

How not miscalculate with the choice? 

If you buy from an unknown manufacturer, you might throw your money away – it is not uncommon for the numbers to be crooked, badly affixed or frayed. So we recommend choosing products of reliable brands: 

Specs. A well-known manufacturer of door fittings with its laboratory for checking the quality of goods. On our website, you can find sturdy and aesthetic 45 mm high door figures by Specs. 

Allure. The domestic company has been manufacturing high-quality hardware and other door fittings for 18 years. In our company, you will find plastic and metal numbers Allure up to 100 mm.

How to attach a number to the door?

The door numbers are self-adhesive, so it only takes a couple of minutes to install them: Clean the surface of the front door, and wipe down the area for the number. 

Use a hair dryer to heat the area of the door and the back of the number. This way, you will increase the effectiveness of the glue. 

The adhesive-based door number is ready to install. Remove the protective film, behind which the double-sided tape is hidden, and attach the number to the door.

Order them on our website if you want to buy hotel room number signs from a reliable manufacturer at a bargain price. Before you buy, you can compare products by material, price, and size – to do this, click on the scales icon under the desired items. Add it to your cart to purchase a product and place your order now. In just a few days, we will deliver a number that will decorate the front door of your apartment and make it easier to navigate for those who have not been there before.

Rooms and numbers on the door of the apartment and private house

In our company, you can order and buy numbers and numbers on the apartment door in the USA. We have long been specializing in the sale of fittings and accessories for doors, so we try to sell our customers relevant and modern products at attractive prices.

Advantages of products we offer.

Everyone in our Internet-shop can buy door figures of bronze for his door and order models of other materials. The following properties distinguish the products presented in our catalog:

The interesting, attractive appearance of the numbers.

The versatility of use on door constructions of different types.

Durability (models do not lose their appearance after several years of use).

Why should you order in our store.

When you order numbers and figures from us, you are guaranteed to get quality and original goods. We offer our customers a wide choice of fittings. Also our clients have the following advantages:

Advantageous terms of delivery in the USA.

The possibility of installation of the ordered fittings and accessories by our specialists at a low price.

Guarantee of quality of all products offered on a site.

To place an order for a product you like, you should add it to the “Cart” and leave your contact information. Our specialists will contact you to clarify other details of the order. Any questions related to the choice of products, delivery, etc., can be addressed to our consultants who can help you by telephone number, which you will find on our website.

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