The cost of just about everything is going up. With inflation on the rise across the globe, it can be hard to feel in control of your finances. However, making small changes around your house can significantly impact your energy consumption. Here are five ways to make your home more energy-efficient and save on monthly expenses. 

Go Solar 

Not everyone has the capital to invest in a total green overhaul. But even changing the way you power your patios can make a dent in your energy bill. 

When searching for the best solar generators CA, look for a bundle with solar panels and a power generator. Unless they start taxing the sun, it’s a smart, eco-friendly way to reduce your dependence on the grid and free up a little more money for your pocketbook. 

Sign Up for Discount Rates During Peak Hours

Many energy companies offer incentives to stop using energy during peak hours. You can opt-in on a TOU (Time of Use) Plan and get to know when rates are highest in your area. 

If you can wait to do your laundry at 7 pm instead of 5, you could save 20% off your bill when it comes around. Minor schedule adjustments can save you some serious cash. After a week, we guarantee the new routine will feel like an old habit. 

Keep the Heat Out

You seal your windows in the winter to keep the heat in, so why wouldn’t you do the same in the summer? Your AC unit is one of the biggest energy hogs in your house, and if you have it going at full blast to keep the outdoor temperatures at bay, give it a fighting chance by not letting its hard work seep out of your windows. 

There’s a host of energy-efficient window coveringsthat repel the sun and keep heat out. Keep your head out of the freezer and the sun out of your kitchen!

Smart Power Strips

Leaving the house can be a royal pain in the behind! You can’t find your keys; your partner is changing outfits for the third time. On top of that, you’re trying to turn off every electric switch in the house. 

Save yourself the trouble by routing your appliances through a smart power strip that can turn five off switches into one. This hack will also help devices that use phantom power even when turned “off.” 

Energy Audit 

Signing up for an energy audit can narrow down what’s hurting your bill most. While the upfront cost might be a deterrent, you’ll make that money back in a matter of months and go on to save big time. 

Audits can help reduce your bill anywhere from 5-30%. They let you know where to focus your energy when it comes to, well, your energy. 

Final Thoughts

It might seem like a penny pinching, but these little changes can add up. You might not have power over the price of gas, but at home, you’re the boss. Try one of these tips today and get back a little more of your paycheck with every adjustment you make.