When planning and changing your interior design, you want to maximize your available space. Sometimes a place can feel relatively small, so you want to use all the available space to make the most of your room. Whether you’ve moved into a smaller condo or a tiny house, you need some tips and tricks to make the rooms feel larger. 

A rug or carpet can help you allocate zones and balance the space of a room, and it will freshen the total look too. Putting an area rug is common on laminate, tile, or hardwood floors. And most people use them to add interest and a pattern to the room. 

If you want to know how to make their home look more spacious, here are some tips and tricks to make your room feel bigger with a proper area rug placement. Let’s start!

Rug Size 

You don’t want an area rug that’s too small or too large. While larger rugs might be more expensive, smaller rugs can be pretty pricey too. While it might seem easier to get one smaller rug to fit the room, the overall look needs to be considered instead of thinking about how to implement the large rug area. Generally, it would help if you had a bigger rug than you think, and most of your furniture should rest upon the rug’s edges.

Rugs can create an illusion of a larger room and make your place look more prominent. Avoid placing multiple small rugs in a bigger space, and make sure the rug is large enough to cover the main pieces of the furniture like the coffee table and the sofa and be placed at least under the front legs of the couch. 

An excellent tip for choosing the right size is to subtract 3 feet from the width and length of the room. The floor edges should be bare since this will give a larger look and feel. And if you decide to use a rug under the dining table, leave 24 inches on all sides from the table’s edges.

Choose Lighter Colors

Choosing lighter and neutral colors can be a real-life-saver. A Teppe rug is a gorgeous neutral area rug that is simple to match with almost any lighter wall covering or paint. 

Bright colors reflect the light; they do not soak it in and will help you achieve an appearance of a more spacious and bigger room. Dark colors absorb the light and make the room look smaller. 

Select soft tones like white, green, cream, or light brown colors to achieve a better and brighter effect, making your room seem much larger. And for the final touch to be complete, paint the wall moldings and trim them into lighter shades than the actual walls.

Separate The Areas

You can make a room look bigger if you implement an interior design style that will separate the room areas. A rug can be used to define the areas in your home and divide the dining, reading, and seating spaces. 

This type of decorating with rugs can add more definition and is excellent for smaller rooms where you can add diversity and playfulness. If you want to put more than one rug in the room, be aware that they can visually cut the room in two if they are the same size. To create a variety in the place, place the rugs on top of each other or use rugs of different sizes.

Make the Rug the Focal Point

You can choose a rug that will be the focal point in your room. The best way to do this is to create a contrast. You can paint the walls in a hue that will be present in one of the rug’s accent colors. Or you can have a neutral style and add a rug with vibrant colors. Most of the time, rugs look fabulous, so remember that no matter which type you choose, choose the right color, size, and material for your look. 

Rug Features

So far, we’ve discussed several tips on placing and decorating the room with the perfect area rug. There are additional benefits of having an area rug beyond the style. Some of these benefits include comfort, warmth, coziness, and absorbed sound. 

A comfortable and soft rug is perfect for a tile or hardwood floor. The softness of the material gives flexibility and is excellent for your feet on a cold morning. While being more visually pleasing, this type of rug provides more warmth and absorbs the sound, decreasing the noise in the room. 

And many studies have shown that a rug is beneficial in allergy prevention in comparison to having a whole carpet. Last, but not least, use rug pads to prevent the rugs from moving and sliding all the time. 

Rug Placement 

When it’s properly placed, a rug can help you create an intimate place and help you to make the best use of your space. Take a look at the other home and design articles on our site for more interior decor tips!