Woodworking refers to the act or process of forming or shaping of wood to create, restore or repair useful or decorative objects. Woodworking refers to the skill or activity of making items from wood, which includes joinery, woodcarving, cabinetry, furniture, woodturning and carpentry.

It is often done as either a hobby or a fulltime career involves the transformation of wood into anything that the mind can imagine.

More interesting is the fact that has been in existence since ancient times with clay, stone, animal parts and wood; The leading materials worked on by early humans.

Tools used for working on wood has evolved over the years as had woodworking itself from locally made handtools to more advanced handtools and now to power tools. This article would help you if you are a fan of furniture making (as a hobby) and intend to buy some power tools in your home; or if you are a carpenter seeking to set up your workshop with some power tools.

Some Essential basic woodworking tools for beginners and power tools used for carpentry are Explained below with their peculiarities and uses.

Table Saw

Table Saw
The purchase of this tool should be your first and significant purchase. The table saw is the centrepiece around which all other tools are used and organized.it is often regarded as the heart and soul of every furniture workshop. Thus you should seek to buy the best table saw within your budget and that has all the features you need. When getting this tool, two criteria determine both the price and the flexibility of the machine.

The first is the blade, the larger the blade, the more extensive or more significant the stock of wood that can be cut. The second criteria are the dimension of the tabletop: the bigger it is, the better especially for cutting large stock of timber like plywood; but bigger is also more expensive and less portable. It is perhaps preferred because it helps with cutting different sizes of wood with accuracy, efficiency and stability.

A powerful router

A router is another critical power tool that belongs in a work-shop. You can make your carpentering standardized with the use of a router. It is regarded as the most versatile power tool in the world. You can do a lot with a router such as making decorative finishes, trim wood flat, cutting grooves on wood, cut inlays, shapes wood to a variety of forms and drill clean holes. There are two forms or types of routers- a fixed –base router and a plunge –base router.

Since this is the most versatile and vital power tool in a workshop, you should buy one as powerful as you can afford. For the latest ranking on best routers check here; Homethods. A router’s usage extends even beyond furniture-making as it can be used on almost any material from cutting of plastic to aluminium.

Circular saw

This is another essential power tool among wood power tools. The cutting versatility of a circular saw cannot be replaced, and its blades are strong enough to cut through fibreglass and plywood. If you are on a budget or don’t have enough space in your home, then this tool is a perfect alternative to a table saw.

It can be used to cut large sheets, and you can easily change the saw for one suited to the job you are doing. The most challenging part of operating the circular saw is learning how to use the measuring gauge. Once you have discovered it, you can cut and dice wood with accuracy and precision.

Scroll saw

Scroll saw
A scroll saw often called the gingerbread saw is commonly used in cutting tight angles curves and intricate shapes. In terms of getting the finest cuts or creating delicate wood ornaments or artistic cutouts, a scroll saw is your sure bet. It delivers a level of precision and accuracy that no other woodworking power tools can compete with. It is used to put more intricate details on woodwork and also apply delicate designs or decorations on wood. Another advantage of this tool is that it is a quiet power tool that you can easily use at night and won’t disturb your neighbours.



Whereas saws like the circular and table saw give you the ability to cut longer pieces with straight edges, a jigsaw is necessary to take your woodworking craft to the next level. The best jigsaws for woodworking not only give you control over shaping your creations but they even allow you to add custom-sized holes. This is especially important once you start tackling more complicated designs instead of basic blueprints.

Power drill

This is one of the necessary tools among the power tools for carpentry. While a cordless power drill might be more handy or portable, a corded power drill is more powerful, versatile and less expensive.

Power Jointer

A power jointer is another essential power tool for woodworking, and it is majorly used to straighten and align bent or twisted wood flat. It is a vital tool if you want to reuse a partially damaged wood .it is recommended to use a power jointer as a preliminary wood treatment before using a planer.

Random orbital sander

A random orbital sander is used to smoothen and apply finishing touches to a block of wood. It is a powerful tool that makes your woodwork look better and its also quite easy to use. It is quite expensive when compared to palm sanders, but it prevents any sanding marks and produces cleaner work.
Random orbital sander
In conclusion, this article highlights a few necessary or essential power tools for woodworking; Nevertheless, there are several others, and they include; drill press, jigsaw, surface planer, band saw, lathe. e.t.c