When you are not using your golf car especially during off-peak season, it does not mean that you should leave it unmaintained. There are still brilliant ways that you can improve your riding experience even for a small vehicle like golf carts. Whether you are considering a golf car rental service or you just want to utilize it for personal use, upgrading your golf car by adding a cooler, seating or lighting will improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. If you have not done any upgrade since you bought your golf car, it is now time that you embark on a project. Here are clever ways you can upgrade your golf cart:

Add a cooler

One of the reasons people consider a golf car upgrade is to increase the level of comfort that they feel. So if there is one thing that you want to consider that will make your riding experience a good one, it is installing a cooler. The weather can get really hot and the only way that you beat the heat is by having some beverages handy. Once you have a cooler, it will be easy for you to get access to a full selection of beverages.
Add a cooler
You might think that a golf car has limited space, but this does not mean adding a cooler is not a good idea. In fact, there are coolers that have ingenious designs that can fit in a wide variety of crannies and nooks on your golf car. You can either mount a cooler to the dashboard or install it at the back of your golf cart so you will never ride thirsty.

Add heavy-duty tires

If you intend to drive your golf car along paved surfaces, you need tires that can withstand the pressure of asphalt. Investing in heavy-duty tires is necessary so you can drive along rougher terrain with ease. Street tires which are 8 inches are ideal for your road adventure. Larger tires also look cooler when you hit the road. If you want to go for an adventure without limits, heavy-duty tires will never disappoint.

When choosing a tire for your golf car, there are many types for you to choose from. Aside from street tires, there are also off-road golf car tires which are designed for driving along uneven surfaces. These tires provide extra traction, especially if you are driving in rocky areas. You can also choose all-terrain golf cart tires as they can give you a smoother ride when driving on pavement. However, you should keep in mind that this type of tire is still not suitable for driving on the golf course.

Add lights

For sure, you have toyed with the idea of driving your golf cart at night. Without lights to guide your path, a nice ride will turn into a tragic one. Why not take your family or friends to dinner with a golf car? Driving your golf cart at night requires installing LED lights. There is a wide variety of options for you to choose from.
Add lights
When you have lights installed, your cart will be more visible even if you drive at night. The lighting also allows you to see clearly. While driving your golf cart at night can be fun, you will still need to check the state laws before considering taking your cart out for a ride on the town.

Add more speed

One way that you can enjoy the idea of driving a golf cart is by adding more speed and power to your vehicle. Upgrading your cart so it will be speedier can give you a much smoother ride. Your battery can be upgraded to 48 if its voltage was once at 36. When you consider an upgrade, you need to have a new golf cart speed controller, which is designed to handle the added voltage.

The controller also allows you to increase your speed without worrying about gaining control over your cart’s acceleration. By upgrading the engine, you will be able to add more speed to your cart. These upgrades are not only going to increase your golf cart’s speed but the torque as well. Just like any type of upgrades, you should also check the laws on speed when driving a golf cart. More often than not, many states limit the speed to 25 MPH. Ask Golf Cars For Fun for more information about golf cart upgrades.