Smart mirrors are classified as ‘smart’ because of their ability to display important information such as the time, calendar, daily weather forecast, news, video feeds, and social media updates. They’re available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from big bathroom mirrors to small table mirrors. 

At this point, you’re probably thinking smart mirrors are something out of a sci-fi movie, and you’re not wrong. But the future’s right here and right now, so let’s try and explain how smart mirror technology works and why you could absolutely do with a smart mirror in your house. 

How Does a Smart Mirror Operate  

Smart mirrors use four major components to function: 

  • A small computer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • A digital display. 
  • A two-way mirror.
  • Adjustable lighting.

The digital displays on smart mirrors are powered by small computers, usually with limited processing capability. Depending on the brand, the computer may support external storage and may also be compatible with various accessories such as audio connectivity. 

The two-way mirror lets light in from behind the mirror but reflects light from the other side. You can find smart mirrors made from acrylic, which is the more affordable option, or glass which costs more but provides better image quality and is more durable.  

Many smart mirrors come with adjustable LED lighting that allows users to dim or brighten the light or switch between different shades of light such as cool light, natural light, and warm light. 

The color temperature variations come in handy for different uses. For instance, cool light is great for activities that require precision such as shaving while warm light is excellent for applying makeup.

Let’s take a look at a few other reasons why a smart mirror would be a fantastic addition to your house or business. 

1. Get Ready for the Day Ahead

With a smart mirror on your bathroom wall, you’ll have the information you need to prepare for the day. You’ll get access to data such as news, emails, weather information, and estimated traffic, all without moving a finger to open different apps on your phone. 

All you need is a simple glance at the mirror, and it will display the information required.

2. Hair Salon Businesses

Business owners in the hair and beauty business can use smart mirrors to make the overall experience more immersive for their clients. Instead of them sitting in a chair for a couple of hours reading magazines, they can watch their favorite TV shows or movies as they get their hair done. 

3. The Education Sector

Students in school can use smart mirrors as personal assistants during the learning process. Smart mirrors can display various tasks such as to-do lists, class reminders, schedule their daily activities, and even display messages from their teachers.

The Bottom Line

If you’re familiar with the story of Snow White, you probably know about the Evil Queen who frequently spoke with her mirror. While they may not exactly tell you who’s the fairest lass across the land, smart mirrors are surely like no other mirror you’ll come across in a fairy tale. 

So, consider the potential applications highlighted above if you want to invest in a smart mirror today.