It is very much effective if you are planning to build your own dream house. Many people around the world prefer to build their own house in which they could live happily with their family. Having your own house is also an important element considered in these days because it is the only solution that could save you from many other things which are not considered good for everyone. By having your own house, you can better make your savings strong and you will definitely find it effective by all means. It is quite a common thing all over the world that people use to lend some money for the same purpose and they also have to pay huge interest of money in return. There are several financial institutes you will see which offer a mortgage loan so, you could make your own house by all means.

In olden days it was quite a common thing to get the loan on heavy interest from financial institutions in which borrower has to pay a specific amount type to the lender for a specified time of period. With moderation in time, everything has reshaped intelligently and there are many other solutions we have which can better guide us with getting loans. Here is an option available that will guide you completely as per the best rules and you will also find

Self Build Mortgages:

It is also an important thing to know how you will finance the whole build. The best option is to secure a self build mortgage to fund your property which you are building yourself. In this stage, you will receive the funds when the stage is near about to complete or you will get a lump sum. This is only for reducing the lender’s risk and it also ensures that the respective money has spent as planned respectively. Here is another thing for you to know that you cannot run between the projects when you have utilized the same option. You can frequently hire a project manager or contractor for the task and you also have an idea that you will get the money when the portion on construction will get completed. In every completion of the phase, you will get the mortgage amount from the financial institution which is quite impressive and decent.

When the funds released, you will receive the first payment of the loan. With every stage completion, you will receive the lump sum amount on money which is quite secure and impressive. Here we will also describe to you the two major types of self-build mortgage type which is quite effective and useful by all means.

Types of Self Build Mortgage:

There are two major types of Self-Build Mortgage and we will describe you these in detail


It is the most common type of loan in which the amount will be handed over to the person when the stage will get completed. It is the best option for those people who have a lot more cash and it is the perfect way to manage the cash flow in a sequence. In this way, the person will be able to pay the amount in a better way and the whole prefer this situation by all means.


In this mode, the payment will get released at the beginning of each stage. It is the finest option for the person to pay the bills and the number of laborers by all means. It is the best option for those people who have less cash flow and they also need to borrow some amount of money at the beginning of each phase of construction. You will completely find it effective by all means.

There are several benefits of Self Build Mortgages in which few of them we will discuss with you here by all means. You will also find it effective in many ways and you will also prefer to utilize the same option in the future.

Quality Advantages of Self-Build Mortgages:

One of the best and important benefits you will see in this option that it will allow you to save a lot more money which you need to spend on stamp duty. Stamp duty levied on the cost of building the work or it will count on the complete value of the property. Once the whole work will get completed, just you need to pay the duty on the value of the land by all means.

Most of the time self-builders find the value of the finished land property higher than the cost of the land respectively. The respective solution is widely famous in the UK and the USA and many other countries are also following the same rule which is quite effective and safe by all means.