When it comes to home renovations and remodel projects, the list can often seem endless. There’s also the fact that the moment you finally get one room in order, and get it just the way you want, there’s already a giant “to do” list in terms of remodel projects through the rest of the house. Remodeling is truly a never-ending project, as nothing lasts forever, your style and tastes change, trends come and go, and even your lifestyle and the way you use the space can change over time.

While remodel projects can be extremely diverse and range from relatively simple and short jobs, to more complex projects that span weeks and even months at a time, here we’ll focus on three main spaces in the home where renovations most commonly take place. These spaces are the bathrooms, kitchens, and the master bedroom. Not only do they tend to be the most common places for renovations, they also tend to be the place homeowners spend the most money in terms of remodeling and décor.

So, let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about remodel and renovation projects in the bathroom, kitchen, and master bedroom.

Renovating the Bathroom

Renovating the Bathroom
The bathroom is one room that takes a lot of wear and tear over the years, and over time the space can start to feel less conducive to how you want to be able to use it.

What may have started out fine when you first moved in, may no longer work for your needs. A great example is a master bathroom that originally has one sink, but over time you realize double sinks would have made more sense for your needs. Then there is the bathroom with a shower but no bathtub, and now a tub would be a better option.

There are all kinds of things to consider when tackling a bathroom renovation, so it’s wise to start with a plan. Write out a list of all the things you’d love for your bathroom to have, and include a design layout. Next you can settle on a budget that you feel comfortable with. Now that you’ve got a plan and a budget, you can start to figure out what can and can’t be done within that budget.

If you are just planning a few minor projects such as changing the lighting, the hardware on the cupboard doors, the toilet, and even the faucets, then these are likely projects you can tackle on your own. Once you start talking about plumbing, structural, ripping out items, and tearing up flooring, it may be best to speak to a contractor.

Often homeowners shy away from contractors due to the cost, but when you think about how much time, effort, research, and planning it will take to do the work yourself, suddenly that contractor can seem well worth it. That and the fact that if you don’t have the experience and knowledge required, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself making mistakes here and there, which cost money and extra time to repair. At the end of it all, that contractor probably would have been cheaper.

If you do decide to go the route of a contractor, it’s a good idea to meet with them in advance to discuss your vision, expectations, concerns, and of course your budget. The contractor can then give you their own input based on their expertise. Take, for example, American Vision Baths, which specializes in Arizona bathroom remodels.

The owners of American Vision Baths were originally customers themselves who wanted to remodel their own home and were seeking the help of contractors. Unfortunately, their own experience was quite negative, and they decided they wanted to provide customers with work that was exceptional, high-quality, reliable, and is backed up with a lifetime warranty. This is exactly the kind of thing you want to look for in contractors.

Renovating the Kitchen

Renovating the Kitchen
Another common area to spend money and undergo renovations is the kitchen. For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the entire home, and with that said, it needs to be functional and comfortable. It needs to offer all the space required to prep and make meals, as well as storage space and even a dining area, should the space allow. Again, it’s often the case of it seeming to be perfect when you first move in, but over time, and after so much use, the kitchen begins to look dated, tired, and just isn’t as functional any more.

Kitchen renovations can also span from minor to massive, and even include an expansion to the house allowing for more space in the kitchen. For those working on a tight budget, some of the best areas to focus on include painting the space, adding new hardware, updating the light fixtures, and installing a new countertop.

If you’ve got a larger budget to work with, then you can look into projects such as ripping out existing flooring, changing the footprint or layout of the kitchen, installing all new appliances, refinishing or installing brand new cupboards, and having natural stone countertops installed. Each of these projects will give a bigger effect in the home, but they are also a lot more money and will extend the length of time required to complete the project.

Again, it’s about creating a plan and a vision of what you want, and then working backwards to lay out the steps you need to take in order to reach that vision. With something as expansive as a kitchen remodel, you may even choose to do it in steps or phases. This can make it a little easier on the wallet, and it will mean that your kitchen isn’t out of commission for so long.

You could maybe start with a new counter and backsplash, then the following year install new flooring, and then move on to the cupboards the next year. There is no rule that says everything has to be done at once.

The key thing to keep in mind when renovating your kitchen is how it will address your needs, and the needs of your family. Ask yourself what the main goal is of the kitchen renovation, and then figure out how you can achieve that goal.

Renovating the Master Bedroom

Renovating the Master Bedroom
A master bedroom renovation typically involves making the space more comfortable, more inviting, and most cases will involve adding more storage. Even though you don’t spend as much time in your master bedroom as you do in the common areas of your home, that doesn’t mean you don’t want the space to be what you envisioned. When you have a room that reflects your personality and décor tastes, it will feel like a retreat or an oasis. You’re bound to feel much more comfortable in there. That can translate to more relaxing evenings.

With the other major rooms in the house, there tends to be a lot more demo involved and ripping out of existing materials. In terms of a master bedroom renovation, this can be an easier project to tackle, especially for DIY enthusiasts. Instead, there will be emphasis on furniture placement in the room, the linens, décor, lighting, and as mentioned – storage.

When you speak to homeowners who are unhappy with their current master bedroom, clutter and lack of storage space is often a top complaint. When there isn’t enough room for all your “stuff” it ends up all over the place, which makes the room feel cluttered and small. Even addressing the lack of storage and nothing else will create a massive difference in the space.

Some of the best storage solutions include things such as closet organizer system that provides more space, adding more dressers to the room, under the bed storage containers, and even vertical storage like shelving.

As an added tip, if you want to ensure the space feels cohesive and inviting, pick a color palette that you stick with. This palette should be carried out through the furnishings, light fixtures, artwork and decor, and of course your bedding. It doesn’t mean everything has to be the exact same color, it’s a matter of sticking to similar tones and creating that flow. Don’t forget to also carry that color palette into your paint color so it doesn’t seem as jarring.

If you’re the type that likes flow through the entire house, then you can always pick a color palette that works with the common spaces and maybe just add a pop of color here and there through décor.

Ready to Tackle the Home Renovations

Home renovations are never something that you want to take lightly or rush into. Let’s face it, they are a huge undertaking whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring an experienced contractor. Not only that, but the cost can add up real fast. That is why the very best piece of advice for any homeowner considering a remodel or renovation project is to take the time to plan and set out a reasonable budget that they stick to.