The home is the center of many family moments, both together and individually. Our homes tell a story and the design of it gives homeowners the opportunity to express ourselves. It also boosts your home curb appeal both outside and indoors since it adds 12 percent to the sale value, according to The Modern House Journal. As a result, its design is about much more than having the most appealing decor; it is about designing a home that fits with its occupant’s personalities, both apart and as a family overall. The design process should, therefore, be a collaborative one; a process that caters to not just the homeowner’s vision but to the future they plan to build in that home, including their family expansion, children and pets included.

Build It With Your Family’s Future Expansion Plans In Mind- Four Legged Addition Included

Many homeowners purchase or build their home early on in their lives or in their family adventure which means their family still has some growing to do. While they may not immediately need a kid-friendly space, that need will come up in the future. Similarly, if they are one of the many adults planning on aging at home, designing a home that lends itself well to senior-friendly changes is a plus. Therefore you want your home design plans to include a few basics that will serve you well now and in the future.

This includes features that increase the comfort of a pet; around 65 percent of households have a pet and pets such as dogs and cats are a very much loved part of family life. One of those basics includes allowing room designs to be multifunctional and have a well-spaced room layout. One of the most common suggestions for both older and kid-friendly homes (and pet owners) is to avoid cluttered spaces and a well-designed room layout is key to this. Thinking ahead and including clever room storage can help to address this problem while a room layout and size that can easily be transformed in its purpose in the future (such as a dining room to home office/ guest room conversion) is also a bonus. When it comes to pets, forgo the carpets and opt for hardwood and ceramic floors instead. In addition, installing pet access points in your home means you include your pet’s comfort in your home design, and caters for their freedom to go out and inside as they need to.

Maintain Your Control Of Privacy With Your Design

Maintain Your Control Of Privacy With Your Design
As much as a family home is about togetherness, it is also about stealing those moments of privacy one needs at the end of the day. So when designing your home be sure to include a few spaces catered to individual persons just as much as you include family-oriented spaces. For the family spaces, you can opt for a family-friendly design in areas such as the dining and living room. However, bedrooms and bathrooms give you the perfect slate to tackle individuality. So while you may have a fireplace installed in the living room for family gatherings and smores adventures, feel free to design a bathroom with lower placed storage cabinets and an adjustable shower head for the kids’ bathroom. In the master suite or adults bathroom, go for more ornate sink designs, shower and steam rooms and of course, more built-in storage!

Think Of Your Family Dynamic

The way your family functions will tell you the best design for your home. For family homes, practicality plans as much of a role as ideology. Family spaces are key which means open-plan spaces such as kitchens are incredibly handy for parents looking to multitask and keep an eye on their kids at the same time. Speaking of the kitchen, it is often the heart of the home and therefore one of the places where your design can have the most impact. If you have younger kids, you will want to incorporate kid-friendly storage (and protection) along with other amenities such as seating. Families on the go also love a communal eating spot such as island seating or a breakfast nook in the kitchen which fosters connectivity and round the table family discussions.

Become Comfortable With The Imperfect

Become Comfortable With The Imperfect
Family life can be hectic and your home should be able to take on the rigors of family life, kids and pets included. When you are deciding on the interior design aspect of your home, you want to choose a theme that blends well with this idea. Things won’t always be in the right place all the time and with kids and pets running around, chances are that they wi

ll get knocked over- more than once. You want to choose furniture that is durable and also adds its own character to the rooms. Pieces such as couches and beds that wear well without the damage being too evident are always a bonus in a family home. Going for interior design themes like bohemian or rustic themes means you spend less time trying to keep things in their perfect place and more time relaxing with your family.

Your home should be all about enjoying the time spent there with your loved ones. Simple considerations like these and taking the time to design the perfect canvas sets the tone you want in your home and means everyone can enjoy it.