There has been an increasing fascination for rustic-looking dining tables. The captivation has been propelled by the increased desire to include pieces that celebrate nature in interior design. Live edge furniture has an untouched edge with the original shape of the wood or tree portion. The natural feature contributes to the nature aspect of interior design.

Additionally, the wood used is reclaimed; therefore, nature is not destroyed to create the live edge dining tables. The asymmetry of the furniture piece does not flow with a room’s evenness. The dining table fits naturally into the room and stands out with its stunning uneven edges.

The reclaimed hardwoods used to make the live edge dining tables are acquired from around the world. The wood is reclaimed and salvaged before being crafted into beautiful furniture. The lumber is seasoned for five years as well to increase its quality and usability.

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Various hardwoods are used including redwood, maple, ebony and walnut. They also show the tree rings indicating the age of the tree.

Other unique features contained on the hardwood slabs like slots, ring patterns and color variations are also expertly handled to add to the beauty of the dining tables. Additionally, the dining table’s stands and chairs, are worked on by hand to maintain the integrity of the slab.

Perhaps one of the reasons live edge furniture pieces are among the most sort after creations in interior design is that they are customized. Each live edge piece of furniture is unique in its design. The customer also has the option of adding their own preferences into the furniture’s design.

Aside from wood, recycled metal can also be incorporated into the dining table as support structures. The metallic material adds to the rustic motif and gives the furniture a modern style. .

Craftsmen follow the features of the live edge while working on the slab. They ensure every skill and tool used on the rest of the slab will complement the live edge. Such craftmanship can only get better with years of experience and exposure to different kinds of wood.
Live Edge Dining Tables
Live edge furniture is unique and built according to the preferences of the client. The edge patterns are different for every furniture piece because they are acquired from different portions of a tree or from different trees. The craftsperson works around this outline to produce a cohesive product. The resulting furniture is one with nature and fits well with contemporary designs.

Each room in a house has a vital function and creates a unique experience for the people in it. This includes the dining room, which is used by both the people living in the home and their guests.. Thus, its appeal must be taken into consideration when choosing any of its pieces. A unique yet functional type of dining table is the custom live edge design.