When you need to purchase a new final motor drive, you don’t want to be rushing into this decision. These pieces of equipment are vital to the workings of your piece of machinery and, therefore, are not cheap. It is important that you take a considered approach to this purchase and spend some time researching this piece of equipment beforehand so that you are happy with your final purchase. This blog post explores 5 questions that are vital to ask when buying a final drive motor. 

1. Is it a reputable brand?

As final drive motors are an expensive piece of equipment, it can be tempting to opt for a cheap knock off. However, you will almost certainly regret this decision as you are likely to find yourself being in the same position of needing to replace this sooner than you might expect. For this reason, selecting a reputable brand to purchase your final drive motor from is a wise decision. 

2. What warranty is on offer?

When purchasing a final motor drive it is incredibly important that you ask about the warranty that is on offer. The last thing you want is to part with the cash and find that a few months down the line, the motor has given up the ghost and that there is no warranty in place. This would be a very expensive mistake. Look for final drive motors that have at least a one or two-year warranty and don’t settle for anything less than that. 

3. Is the final drive motor you want in stock?

If your machine is out of action until you get your new final drive motor then you want to ensure that you get your new piece of equipment as soon as possible. You don’t want to be in a position where you have finally selected the final drive motor, only to find that it isn’t available and that there is a lengthy wait for it to come back in stock. Check the stock levels of your chosen final drive motor before finalizing your purchase, otherwise, you will have committed to the sale and may have to wait weeks or even months before it arrives. 

4. What are the shipping policies?

Another important question to ask when buying a final motor drive is about shipping. As final drive motors are heavy pieces of equipment, there might be expensive shipping costs associated with the purchase so check this out so you don’t find a nasty surprise on your bill. Some companies may offer free shipping, so this may sway which company you go for. 

The length of time it will take to ship the final motor drive is also worth checking. If you need it straight away, make this clear to the company and see what they can offer. With such a big purchase, it is also worth checking what delivery service they use to courier their items as you want it to be one that will take good care of this precious cargo. If you live near the final motor drive dealer, it may be easier to pick up the item yourself so check if this is an option too. 

5. Is the final drive motor the correct size?

Final drive motors come in different shapes and sizes, so it important that you select one with the correct specifications for your machine. If you select a company that really knows their stuff, you should be able to tell them the model of your machine and they will know which size final motor drive you need. However, it is always worth double-checking this as you don’t want to find that when your purchase arrives that it doesn’t fit. 

Considering these 5 questions before purchasing your final drive motor will not only ensure you get the correct product at the time you need it, they will also serve to save you trouble in the long run. Purchasing a final drive motor is an important decision, so taking a bit of time to research and think about this before taking the plunge is something you won’t regret.