Seeing any type of rodent in your house will spark a response. Many people cringe while others grab a utensil and try to hit the creature. Both are valid reactions. But, while rats are bigger and can seem more dangerous, it’s mice that present the biggest threat to your home.

Of course, finding either in your home should be enough to get you on the phone to your local pest control firm. They are best equipped to eliminate the issue.

However, it’s more than just eliminating the rodents, you need to speak to the professionals and find out more regarding how to prevent them from returning. 

It’s time you discovered why mice are such a bad problem in the home:

Breeding Cycle

On average a mouse lives for one year. They are ready to produce babies at just 6 weeks old. That gives them 46 weeks of breeding before they die. Your average mouse can have 8 litters during that time, with approximately 6 mice each time. That’s a total of 48 new mice. Of course, each of the new mice will be ready to have babies within 6 weeks, as will their babies.

In short, two mice can produce hundreds, f not over a thousand mice in one year. They are all going to live in the same place, your home!

Mice Droppings

Mice rarely go to the toilet in the same place, rats do. Instead, mice simply leave a trail of droppings behind them. You can use this to trace their nest. However, it does mean you’re likely to find droppings everywhere and accidentally touch them.

This is how most disease is spread, through contact with the feces or urine. Considering mice carry an array of diseases, some of which can be deadly, having them in your home is a huge risk.

Nesting Instincts

Mice tend to find a nice home and stay put, allowing their offspring to join them. They are actually very sociable creatures. But, mice and rats have teeth that never stop growing. The problem with this is that, if left, they’ll grow too long. Ultimately they’ll stop the mouse from eating and it will die.

To prevent this, they gnaw on anything they can. This includes the insulation in your home, electrical wiring, and even concrete. In short, they can do significant damage to the internal and external walls of your home. It’s even possible they can affect the structural integrity. 

Their gnawing can affect the safety of your electrical wiring. If they chew through the outer sheath the exposed wires can spark. This can cause the electrics to overheat and short out. Alternatively, the spark can start a fire in combustible material near the wires. This can quickly develop into a devastating fire.

Pest Invites

Mice don’t send out invitations to other pests to stay at your home. However, if the conditions are right for mice it’s highly likely that you’ll have other pests living in your home. They can carry their own diseases and present other risks to you and your home. 

It’s best to eradicate the mice as quickly as possible and prevent them from coming back.