When it comes to the overall aesthetic of interiors, lighting plays a very important role. Your choice for lighting fixtures can help create the mood or atmosphere you want in the room. But with the number of choices on the market today, shopping can be overwhelming sometimes. Thus, we already did the research for you on how to choose a floor lamp. Check out our prepared list on how you can choose the right floor lamp for your home:

  • Type


  • Torchiere

From the French word that means torch, this type of floor lamp is easy to identify with its upright lighting. Its shape resembles a torch that points the lighting fixture upward to the ceiling which is quite popular. But aside from being a space saver, Torchiere floor lamps can also work as a general lighting fixture. Its design can vary from traditional to modern which may include a dimmer switch feature.Here is a great 2019 collection from Houzz.

  • Six-Way

Also known as a Mogul lamp, this type of lamp can provide better lighting using a center three-way bulb. This three-way bulb is enclosed by three more bulbs that can be turned on separately or at the same time. Thus, Six-way floor lamps are ideal for lighting up large rooms.

  • Down Bridge

This type of floor lamp has downward lighting that is ideal for reading at night or doing other tasks. Thus, this floor lamp is usually placed next to an armchair where you can read comfortably. Its socket and shade can be directed at a certain angle depending on your needs and taste.

  • Club

If you’re looking for a floor lamp that can light up an entire room, Club floor lamps work great. Also known as a stick lamp, this floor lamp’s common features include a base, a pole/stick, and a shade. Its shade can also produce soft lighting that radiates light in the entire room. Typically, it is operated using a pull chain to power up three-way or a two-way socket.

  • Adjustable Club

Another variation of a Club floor lamp, an Adjustable floor lamp’s height can be adjusted with ease. Depending on your lighting needs and interior design, you can use this floor lamp for lighting up an entire room.

  • Scale

Before you pick any floor lamp, be sure to scale it to match the size of your room. This also comes in handy if you have a high or a low ceiling. For instance, a low ceiling can ruin the beauty of floor lamps that are too high to blend in. The same goes with furniture wherein large floor lamps should not go with small modern sofas. A floor lamp should blend in smoothly with your interior design and create balance. Moreover, it should help you save more space in the room.

  • Materials

Of course, no floor lamps should go inside your house without considering its materials. Floor lamps are made from different materials that vary from wood to steel. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose the best materials that suit your interior better. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the quality should be sacrificed as well. Thus, opt for floor lamps that are made from materials that complement your interior and capable of lasting for years.

  • Color

Once you’ve put a check mark on the items above, be sure to check the color of your floor lamp. In this case, choose the color of your bulbs that go with the color of your lamp shade. Choose a color that matches the room’s interior design to create an appealing vibe.


So there you have it! Take note of this guide and you will never go wrong when choosing a floor lamp. Remember that balance is also important to make sure that your floor lamp complements your interior decorations. Don’t be afraid to play with colors as long as you don’t overdo it.