Are you planning to have a concrete patio in your San Antonio home? This is the right page for you then. We will share with you four things that you should know before having a patio installation. This will include things such as how to hire the best concrete patio contractor and concrete patio cost.

Hiring the Best Concrete Patio Contractor

A patio installation project can be DIY – it is easy if you have experience with construction jobs. There’s a tutorial that you can follow on how to mix cement and make concrete. There are tutorials on stamping your concrete as well. However, following a tutorial might not be enough to produce the best result. Remember, you are building a patio and your patio can affect the overall façade of your home.

Since this is a form of investment, why not give it everything and hire the best concrete contractors San Antonio that you can get!

Hire a Concrete Contractor Based on Referral/Feedback

Ask your friends or colleagues for their trusted concrete contractor in or around your area. A recommendation from previous clients means that they did a great job. If no one can recommend a concrete contractor, check the internet for a list of concrete contractors and look for testimonials and customer reviews.

Ask for License and Insurance

Once you set your eyes on a concrete patio contractor, ask them for an honest estimate. Once the estimate is out, you can ask them to draw a contract for the job. The contract must include important information such as the possible cost of the project, the time it will take to complete it, and the coverage of the insurance (if they offer insurance). These things will ensure that your patio project will be completed in time as planned.

Concrete Patio Designs

Basic Concrete Patio

Depending on your budget, you can have a basic concrete patio that is poured or slabs/pavers. It can be installed in your backyard as it is. It is easy to install, fast, and smooth. If you are considering your concrete patio cost installation, this is the most affordable one you can have in your backyard.


For added aesthetic beauty, you can have your concrete patio stained. Staining a concrete patio is easy and is done while the concrete is freshly poured. This allows you to add colors to your concrete patio that can complement your home’s existing colors.


Stamped concrete patio is a new way of designing concrete patios. A pattern is being stamped into the freshly poured concrete to produce the desired design or pattern. The pattern can be anything, something that makes stamping one of the most popular ways to finish a concrete surface.

Patio Location

If you have a large backyard, don’t make the mistake of picking the wrong location for your patio. Ask for your concrete contractor’s opinion. It is part of his or her job to help you choose the best location for your patio installation. Of course, it should be located in the most private part of your backyard, next to your house.

Permits and Other Preparations

Before starting construction works, check with your state if you need a permit or not. If there will be excavation works, chances are you will be asked to get a permit.

You should also consider other factors such as needing to add railing (additional cost) and pipe installation (as needed). When it comes to rail guards, you still have to consider the type of rails you want to have. Would you consider a glass rail guard or cable rails with steel posts? Don’t be surprised once your budget starts to dwindle and yet you are still not seeing your patio.

Lastly, you have to consider the material you want to use for your patio. Are you settling with concrete and just concrete alone? Would you like to mix and match and perhaps add some bricks and wood? Will you use concrete and just stamp it with brick and hardwood? Make sure to explain to your concrete contractor the picture that you have in mind once your patio is finished. This will help them visualize the project you have in mind and will help them build it accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Don’t take your concrete patio project as a light one. Regardless of the size of the patio you have in mind, always consider hiring the best concrete patio San Antonio contractors you can find. They can’t just make your project a success, they can also complete it in time without and prevent unnecessary waste of your effort and money.