The recent quarantine lockdown series has stimulated your creative juices in giving your home a new look. Changing your home’s face not only provides a new look to your home, but it also allows vigor to your mood. For some people, revamping your house may take a hefty price to make it a reality, but there are ways that you can do to give your home a makeover without breaking the bank. 

Giving your home a makeover requires your creativity to tweak, rearrange and restyle your home. You just have to simply think outside of the box to give your home a new perspective.

At this point, you are now ready to make an impressive visual revamping to your home and add a different flavor to how you view your usual residence. So, how do you give your home a new look in a fun way without spending a hefty price on it? To further learn more about this, read on. 

Ten (10) ways to reinvent your home:

1. Start with a Blank Canvass

Put everything together in one place the things that you want to revamped or to re-style. It is better to have it this way, so you can have a more precise visual on what are the things that you would like to revamped and disregard. Also, this is a fun way to de-clutter. You’ll also see the things that have been staying up in the corner of the storage for quite some time, which may have become irrelevant to your daily use. You can start with your throw pillows, table lamps, bookshelves books, coffee table, vases, and other home accents. It might be overwhelming at first, but this is the first step to organize your home too.

2. Add some color to your old accessories

You may have vases or table lamps with great shape and structure, but the color is dull. You can opt for adding a little color to these pieces to give them life. If you want to have a new design for your flooring, professionals from Tiling Liverpool say that these days choices of tiling are endless. You can also use your leftover paint in your garage area to add some vibrance to your old accessories. But, bear in mind that a specific type of paint doesn’t work with individual pieces and research what color works for each article. Before you paint it out, examine first what works best.

3. Re-style

Once you’re done with accents, you can go over to re-styling. You can start with switching your living area and throw pillows around your bedroom. Or you can even paint pillowcases to give them a new color. You can also change your bedsheets, curtains to make your bedroom, living room, creating a unique vibe in these areas. You can follow many inspirations to give you an idea of how you’re going to create a new vibe and theme.

4. Bring on the cozy feeling in your home.

We all love that soft faux-fur or that soft sheepskin blanket. Look over your closet and look for unused blankets. Make use of these pieces to accentuate your living room, patio, and your dining room. The warm feeling it gives makes your home cozy and very homey. You can also make use of the carpets that you kept for so long in good service. It is just a matter of switching and restyling ideas to give your home a new look and vibe.

5. Make use of unused containers to work.

Look over into your kitchen shelves and see for unused containers reused for a different purpose. Bring in those new containers, group them in shapes, height, and structure to make an extra visual interest to your shelves. You can even decorate them on your living area’s shelves, just to add a little accent to your receiving location.

6. Reinvent your bookshelves

Your bookshelves may have taken a lot of space in your home. You might want to make more space by reinventing your bookshelves. You can opt for hanging bookshelves, saving more space and a more convenient way to store up your books in style. Nowadays, minimalism is the new trend and an excellent way to make your home look cleaner and more significant. Group the readers according to their genre or according to the author’s name. You can also segregate books that you don’t want anymore and donate these to the public library. In this manner, you’re decluttering and at the same time helping your community.

7. Rearrange the art

Reassess your art pieces in your home. Have you noticed how long the same painting has hung on your bedroom wall? Now is the time to give them a little rearranging. You can browse all the art pieces in the different corners of your home and give them a little rearranging. Just make sure that it meshes well with the room’s theme and color palette. 

8. Change the layout of your furniture.

If you have enough time and energy, you can rearrange your furniture pieces to give a new version of your home looks. You can also ask the cooperation of your other family members to move your furniture pieces. You can also separate the furniture pieces, which are not relevant anymore to your furniture layout. Furniture pieces that you don’t want to use anymore can be kept in a separate room, and you even place them in a garage sale. Remember that you’re trying to reinvent, restyle, revamping your home to reach your minimalism goal.

9. Revamp your home with indoor plants

Indoor plants create a fresher and new breathtaking vibe in your home. Make use of your precious plants to give accent and life to your home. As you know, having little greens inside your home brings comfort and ease.

10. Paint your house

Last but not least is to give your house a little bit of color and vibrance. What a better way to give your home a new look by adding a fresh coat of color to your house.  Add vibrance to that old dull paint in your house. Just make sure that it reflects the vibe and theme that you imagined.

Re-decorating, reinventing, and revamping your home depends on how you wanted it to be. Also, it depends on the effort and creativity that you put into it. You can implement the ways mentioned above to give your home a makeover.