Garden lighting is not just about path lighting – which is of course very important. With light, you can create a magical picture in the garden. Modern technology allows you to play a whole spectacle of light, change the intensity of illumination, color, the programmable scenario of switching on and off groups of lights. 

For a comfortable stay in the marvelous garden of Monaco, you will need to design and make a wiring system, distribute on the site lights, decorative lighting, place sockets. 

To illuminate the site using a variety of lamps. Lanterns with a height of 1-1,2 m are convenient for small gardens. They are not covered with snow in winter, their light does not strike the eyes. They are usually placed along the paths at a distance of 5-8 meters from each other. Do not look very good lanterns, put in the middle of the lawn. In addition, they complicate the maintenance of the garden, as it is difficult to mow the lawn around them. Lights are better placed among flower beds, in groups of low shrubs.

Designing a garden, it is important to remember that shrubs over time grow and can “absorb” the lights if they are installed too close to tall plants. To illuminate large areas, you can use tall lights that flood the space with light from above. They come in single-horn and multiple-horn designs.

In gazebos, under sheds, and pergolas, it is good to use pendant and wall-mounted lights-bra, adding to their switches. Lights with switches is rational to place on the line of outlets, which is always under voltage of 220 V.

Backlighting of steps is mandatory. In the dark, they are completely invisible and can be dangerous. For their illumination, as well as for retaining walls, it is good to use recessed lights.

A very beautiful picture at night gives a very beautiful picture of the lights, which are located under trees and shrubs. Their light is directed upwards on the object of interest. You can’t see the fixture itself, but only the magical pictures of the garden at night: crowns of trees, branches of bushes, garden sculptures… If you put the fixture in front of the object (plant, sculpture), it will be brightly highlighted against the background of the night garden. And if you put the light source behind the object, we will see the dark outlines and mysterious silhouettes. To achieve such an effect, LED Recessed Lighting is the best solution,

It is better to choose all garden lights from one series so that they match each other. Their style depends on the overall concept of the garden: modern, classic, black, white … Bulbs for garden lights are better to use economical, energy-saving. They come in cool white or warm yellowish light. Unlike interior lighting, it is better to use cool light in the garden. Warm light stains greenery with dirty brown hues.

The pond in the garden should also be illuminated. The light should fall on the waterfall, glide along the surface of the water, highlight aquatic and shore plants, but not illuminate the bottom (it looks sloppy). Lights for ponds have a higher degree of protection against moisture.