We tend to look for the most effective way to add some warmth to our homes for those long cold months. And most homeowners tend to choose either gas or wood fireplaces. Wood fireplaces offer that calming crackling and snapping of wood as you cosy up on your couch, not forgetting the smell of burning wood that is so refreshing. But we have to agree; there is something about the ease of just turning a knob of a gas fireplace that we can’t overlook, it just takes a simple flick of a switch, and your home gets nice and cozy. Each of these fireplaces offers some advantages, so making the decisions process easier for you, we have identified a few benefits before buying fireplace accessories.

The benefits of a gas fireplace

If you want a heating option that offers you convenience, then jump on this option. These provide your home with ample heat in a simple click or switch of a button, plus a few more benefits.

  • It offers you some extra flexibility.

A gas fireplace offers you an endless list of flame variations, which means you can enjoy a beautiful decorative flame as you unwind after a long day. The adjustable heating options make it easy to set the mode and enjoy the flickering of flames in your living room. Thus, making those romantic evenings cozier for the cold months.

  • It comes in both traditional and contemporary design

Our homes are now free spaces where we can express our personalities. It is from the decors, furniture and appliances that we have selected to flow naturally in our space. Thus, gas fireplaces come in both traditional and contemporary designs to ensure you get a piece of appliance that immediately compliments your current living space.

The benefits of wood fireplaces

A wood fireplace immediately offers your home that aesthetic appeal, which could be a great focal point for your room. These are timeless heating options that will last in your home for years to come, plus more benefits.

  • It offers a much larger heating capacity.

If you have a home with a tall ceiling and very large rooms, you are very aware of how difficult it is to keep your home nice and cosy during the cold months. So how about getting a wood fireplace for such a large space? These offer your home a much larger heating capacity; this is up to 300sqm, with about 12 hours of burn time. You can have an inbuilt option or a free standing design to create a focal point in your home.

  • It is independent of your utility supplies.

With the rising energy prices we have been experiencing, ensuring your home is nice and warm in the cold months can be very expensive. But with the wood fireplaces, it will not cost as much to keep your home warm. In the event of a blackout, it is a good source of power, while some offer a cooking surface option.