A handheld shower is also known as an adjustable showerhead or shower spray unit, comprises of a flexible hose with a showerhead attached at one end and a shower holder. The other end is connected to a water outlet or your wall-mounted shower with the help of a T-valve or 3-way diverter valve. They are the highly preferred type of showers and have plenty of advantages. This blog will tell you the incredible features and benefits of handheld showers, including the on-off switch button, and review some handheld showers of the year. 

Features of Handheld Showerhead

The handheld showerhead has several quality features that make it the most popular and high-rated type of showerhead;

  1. 5cm to 8 feet 4 inches longest hose.
  2. Plenty of spray settings.
  3. On-Off Switch.
  4. Ease of installing filtration unit 
  5. Easy-to-clean, silicon-made anti-clog nozzles.
  6. High-Pressure showerhead.
  7. Saves Water and Water bill.
  8. Available in various finish options.
  9. Perfect for leg shaving.
  10. Easy body wash while keeping your hair dry. 
  11. Quick and easy DIY installation – no plumber required!

Despite the common misconception, handheld showers are super easy to install. No bathroom remodeling, extensive demolition, or refinishing is required to install this bathroom fixture. There is no need to fill up and haul buckets of warm water from the tub or sink with a handheld shower. Just pick the showerhead and rinse the walls and tub for a clean finish.

Handheld showerheads also make it easy to keep the shower clean; you can rinse soap after the shower to reduce mold and fungus and restore tile and grout.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about missing soap behind your ear or neck and also don’t have to turn your head at a 90-degree angle to wash hard-to-reach places like behind your ears. With a handheld shower, you can simply bring the shower near your head and enjoy a smooth rinse.

Benefits of On-Off Switch

Along with many awesome features, the on-off switch button makes handheld showers super convenient. It is used to halt the flow of water temporarily. Handheld showers are best for seniors who use shower chairs. With the handheld shower, you won’t have to get out of the chair to pause the water flow or reach over to the valves. However, the on-off button works differently in different showers. There are many types of buttons; touch button, sliding button, and a dial setting. The sliding button is hard for disabled individuals; that’s why the touch button is preferred. 


Handheld shower heads with on-off switches offer better control. You can stop the showerhead function immediately. There is no need to close the valve to re-adjust the water temperature. Moreover, it provides easy cleaning to the unreachable parts, and you can set the desired spray setting. It is best for people dealing with any injury, arthritis, or other physical limitations. Handheld showers with on-off switches are a perfect fit for the disabled, toddlers, and pets.

It allows disabled individuals or the elderly to clean efficiently while seated. It helps people retain their independence and shower without assistance. On-off switch which is an added flexibility in a handheld showerhead which makes it easier for people to bathe patients by bringing the water where needed.

High-end Filtration

You are also tired of limescale buildup on walls and faucets due to hard water. It is the enemy of cleanliness at home. Not only it clogged the showerhead, pipes, and faucets but it also affected human health. Hard water damages the hair quality and texture and makes your hair dull and lifeless each passing day. Handheld showers in this regard provide the greatest benefit of installing a filtration unit with your showerhead. Many multi-stages small water filters in the market fit right above your showerhead and convert hard water into soft water.


Furthermore, you can install a handheld filter showerhead. This one-stop solution has all the must-haves of a good quality ionic showerhead. Showerhead with mineral beads is a handheld shower with three types of mineral beads which are naturally bioactive stones. It also has an on-off switch.

Have you ever struggled to clean the limescale from your faucets, shower walls, and doors by scrubbing? A handheld filter showerhead doesn’t let you spare time or waste energy in cleaning the showerhead or silicon nozzles as it has 250 laser-cut holes made with anodized aluminum. No chance for limescale and mineral buildup on the showerhead. Also, three types of mineral balls; Energy, Anion, and Mineralized ball filters 99% chlorine, minerals (calcium and magnesium), fluorides, salts, bacteria, and germs from the water. It also adjusts the PH value and makes it beneficial for your hair and skin. 

Below is a list of some handheld showers with an on-off switch that you can buy online or at any sanitary store near you. 

1. HauSun Showerhead

HauSun Showerhead is a flexible shower that has 5 spray settings and is made with brass material. There is only one fixture available in this showerhead. It has an on-off button which provides the maximum benefit. 

2. Eco Water Showerhead


Eco water showerhead is a handheld filter shower. Along with an on-off button, it has filter beads that purify, refresh and rejuvenate your showers. It has 3 spray settings and made with polycarbonate and stainless steel, making it strong, leak-proof, and long-lasting.


FYRLLEU is a high-pressure handheld shower head that is made from solid ABS material. It has 3 spray settings. Moreover, there are 24 ABS nozzles in the showerhead which is a pretty unique feature of this shower and an on-off switch. 

4. Hotel Spa

Hotel Spa showerhead is another on-off switch showerhead with a water-saving pause switch facility. It has 6 spray settings and is made with high-quality stainless steel.

As a handheld shower head with a pause button has a huge variety in the market in terms of quality and price, choose carefully and invest in the one which is worth buying.