Seeing one mouse in your home means there is a high probability there are plenty more. You are going to need to take quick action to eliminate the issue. The best approach is to contact your local pest control company and have them deal with the problem for you.

Mice carry an array of diseases and leave the bacteria wherever they go as they are constantly leaving waste behind and the bacteria also stick to their feet. That means you need to be regularly wiping surfaces with disinfectant spray to prevent you and your family from getting an infection. 

Impressively, mice can also get through very small gaps. In fact, they can get through gaps as small as a pencil! Alongside this they multiply at an alarming rate, that’s why if you see one mouse, there are probably plenty more hidden around the corner. 

You need help and should learn more here about the professionals near you. In addition to eradicating the mice, you also need to mouse-proof your home to help prevent the issue from happening again. 

Use Steel Wool

If you have any holes in your interior or exterior walls they need to be sealed as fast as possible. Mice will squeeze through these gaps. To prevent this from happening fill the homes with steel wool. The mice cannot bite their way through it and the steel wool makes a good base for sealing products. 

Bright Lights

Mice hate bright light, they are generally active at night and enjoy the darkness as it prevents them from being seen. If you shine bright lights in any area where they are likely to congregate you’ll scare them off!

Peppermint OIl

Most pests don’t like the aroma of peppermint. You can get some essential oil and spray it around the house, specifically where you think mice will try to get in. It is also a good idea to use peppermint plants in your windows to keep mice and other pests away.

However, you should note that peppermint oil can cause respiratory issues in dogs and cats, be careful if you have pets.


This liquid is an effective mouse poison. All you have to do is put a dish of it down on the floor. It has a sweet aroma and flavor, making it an attractive option to mice. Once they drink it they will die from the poison.

Unfortunately, this is also dangerous for small children and pets. You shouldn’t use it at home if you have either 

Food Storage

Mice need food to survive and are probably getting it from your cupboards. However, if you store all your food items in hard-sided glass containers the mice won’t be able to get to the food, leaving them hungry and more likely to go elsewhere.

Moth Balls

Mothballs are very effective at keeping moths away. They are also effective at scaring mice away. Simply place them wherever you think mice could be coming in and they will be deterred.