Golfing is fun, whether you are a pro or just starting out. A good set of skills and practice are always welcome, but additionally, a pair of solid golfing sticks, sturdy gloves, and a number of expendable balls make the difference. It might seem quite difficult to know what you should buy to get your golfing endeavor going, so it is best to talk to professionals or experienced players. Bombtech Golf helped me understand what to look for when buying the equipment as a new player with little to no previous knowledge, so here’s what I learned.

Types of Golfing Clubs

One club should do to understand how to position your body and hit the ball properly. As soon as you start picking up the basics you will realize that different situations require a club with different properties. Your starting set consists of wood and iron clubs with wedges, and putters all numbered from 1 to 9 and with different angles. The numbers determine the distance the ball can travel when you hit it, with lower numbers representing bigger distances. Backspin increases the higher the number of the club is, but that technique requires a bit more practice to fully master. 

Wedges are used for short distances. Players use lob to hit the ball and escape from seemingly difficult situations to land it onto the green.

Putters are flat-faced and you use them to send the ball into the hole when they eventually get it near enough.

For starters, you can get 2 clubs to feel the distinction between low and high numbers. After playing a number of courses and experience a number of scenarios, your need for more clubs will grow. With more practice, you will be able to know exactly which club best fits your playing style and situation.

The More Golf Balls, the Better

Similar to clubs, there are also balls designed for different purposes and styles. Since you are a beginner it’s better to have enough balls in reserve just so you don’t spend a lot of time looking for them. Two-piece balls are recommended when you start. Their build is solid and they offer good travel distance. The downside is a lack of control, but that’s something to consider when you improve your skills. You can also opt for three-piece balls which are more suited for pro players; they are less durable than the aforementioned two-piece, but provide more maneuverability. It’s good to get a dozen to have a game with good flow and the least amount of time spent looking for balls. 

Bag and Clothing

Last but not least, proper clothing and a quality bag to carry your equipment around will improve your experience. For a bag, it is important to be spacy and comfortable because you need to carry all your sticks and balls around and that can be weighty.

Good clothing can also improve your performance and comfort. It is vital to learn the basics correctly. A glove is pretty good for improving your grip and you can wear it on your left hand if you are right-handed. Golf is an open-air sport and the weather can drastically affect the experience. 

This is why water-proof shoes and clothing are useful. An umbrella is also a nice addition to your inventory. Don’t forget to invest in a good towel to maintain your clubs. Keeping them clean will provide better performance and years of service. The fun part about golfing equipment is that you are never quite done building your arsenal. There is always room for improvement and modification.