The Turkish real estate market is alive and well, and at the centre of its progress is the pulsating city of Antalya. This beautiful city along the eastern Mediterranean coast remains a favourite with tourists, with Istanbul ranking a close second.

Due to the constant inflow of tourists, the real estate sector in Antalya has seen stratospheric progress over the years. And it looks like the local council officials in the city don’t plan to stop there. Set to welcome a vast array of exciting projects, the future of real estate in Antalya looks bright.

There’s more to Antalya than tourism, however. The city is a thriving centre for various businesses, retail, cuisines, and nightlife. Antalya attracts thousands of tourists, it’s true. But these tourists are rapidly becoming home-buyers and residents here for several reasons.

Exceptional Real Estate Market

With consistent property appreciation rates, Antalya’s real estate sector is thriving like never before. Real estate in Antalya is also still in its earliest stages, giving buyers attractive rates per square metre as compared to other markets.

Antalya was at the top of the list for property purchases in Turkey in 2017 by foreign buyers. And it seems that domestic homeowners are also cashing in on the trend, with Antalya surging ahead of Istanbul as the preferred location for domestic purchases as well. The impressive turnover of buyers and sellers – both Turks and foreign buyers – makes the market even more appealing. Foreigners also receive more for their Euro, Pound, or Dollar in Turkey.
Exceptional Real Estate Market
Starting around £45,000, potential property buyers can choose from apartments, villas, planned, new, and resale properties across Antalya. While the unbeatable rates bring in a lot of budget buyers, Antalya is also a hub for luxury buyers looking to experience the finest of Turkish Riviera living.

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Cosmopolitan and multi-cultural

Antalya’s shores welcome people from across the world. It is the heart and home for diverse people and cultures, from Brits, Russians, East Europeans, to Middle Easterners. Antalya’s history of diversity goes back a long way to the 50s when it was a stop on the exciting hippie trail from Europe to Asia. The traveller’s love affair for Antalya found its origins and roots there and stayed.

Fast forward to 2020 and Antalya remains a microcosm of world cultures. It is a kaleidoscope of different languages and customs, evident in numerous shops, restaurants, and businesses that are run by people belonging to different nationalities. Everyday life and culture are dizzyingly rich in different languages and respective traditions.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Antalya is your quintessential Mediterranean city – a gorgeous 500 km coastline, sunny weather almost the whole year through, and vibrant cosmopolitan culture. If you were looking for a reason to purchase property in Antalya, these would be pretty compelling ones, to begin with. Many ex-pats and Turks regard Antalya as the best destination for a dream retirement home for its all-year outdoor living and stunning natural beauty.

It is a city that offers various experiences. There are bustling city centres and markets for those who revel in action. It is also possible to escape to serene coastal resorts or towns for a more relaxed lifestyle. Those who like the good life can indulge in luxurious living at several swanky villas on the outskirts.

Impressive Transport Network

Thanks to a great airport, flying in and out of Antalya from different countries is incredibly easy. The airport sees a footfall of over 18,000 domestic and international passengers every year.

Antalya also has impressive road connectivity enabling cars and buses to ply regularly. An efficient and economical bus network connects Antalya to almost all parts of the country. Many consider the transport network here to be one of the best in Turkey.
Impressive Transport Network

Future Projects

The real estate market in Antalya is set to only become bigger in the coming years. The relatively-new Tunektepe cable car project already attracts thousands of visitors from across the country and inside it.

There are also talks of a state-of-the-art marina at the Boğaçayı Creek Basin. The plans for a new port would put Antalya on the map as a premium cruise ship destination. Reports state that the new port will house over 450 yachts and 4 cruise ships at a given time.

With several exciting projects in the pipeline, the best time to invest in property in Antalya would be now.

Within the contemporary economic and political climate of Europe, Turkey remains a strong and attractive centre for business and investments. Sun, sand, sea, healthy living, and a wonderful sense of community – Antalya gives you all of this and more at rates that will not break the bank. Investing in property in Antalya now is sure to prove advantageous to you and your family in the future. Happy buying!