Do you know what to look for while hiring a tree service company? Trees are some of the scarce resources that nature has given us for free. They provide us shade, increase the value of our properties, and create enough Oxygen for us all. However, to keep these resources healthy, use them well, or remove the dying ones professionally, you may want an expert to help you within your means.

If you find the wrong company, you may destroy these vital resources and suffer for long. Check the following tips to avoid this.

Genuine License

Genuine License
Check whether the service company is licensed. Companies in Georgia and many other states must have the license to perform any tree care work for the specific type of trees. To be sure that the company has complied with this legal requirement, search the state’s online list from wherever you are.

Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

Once you are confident that the company has the permission to offer you the relevant service, check whether all its tree service insurance covers are in effect as well. If they have the certificates, ask to see them, and then give the insurer a call to verify their authenticity.

Take your time to be sure that everything is in order. The high-powered equipment, lofty heights, heavy branches and trunks, and proximity to generators and power lines often make this endeavor a seriously dangerous one.

Payment Policy

Ask the tree service company about their payment policy to see whether you will be able to pay in time. It is better if they allow you to pay upon the completion of the task.

Proper Equipment

Another thing that you must check is whether the company has the most advanced equipment. Do not make an assumption and solely rely on word of mouth. They should be designed only for the kind of project that you have.
Proper Equipment
Competent companies are willing to let their clients see the kind of equipment that they use. They regard this is a way of marketing their services. If the ones you want to work with are hesitating to help you confirm whether they have the right tools, they could be wasting your time.


You have a great advantage to work with a company that follows the top industry safety standards, such as OSHA. It shows that you are working with verified experts in the field that know what they are doing.

The ability to prevent accidents is extremely vital. When you see your screw wear hard hats, ear –and-eye protection devices, chainsaw chaps, you can be encouraged that emergencies will likely not prevent them from completing your project in time.

Answering Questions

You can establish whether the crew you want to work with knows their craft by asking them relevant and intelligent questions. Someone can claim to be a certified arborist but lack the ability to understand simple concepts in the industry. Use the quality of their responses to judge whether you are dealing with experienced experts or not.

Should you consider their attitude too? It is essential to assess how the experts feel about you and your questions. If they view you as a bother, it could be best to find another team. The success of your job depends on the ability of both of you to communicate effectively and be of help to each other.

However, do not assume the position of an expert as this may prevent them from building a desirable relationship with you.

Written Estimate

This seems to be a no-brainer, but many people ignore it due to many factors. There are homeowners who are so busy and do not want to wait for the quote to be written. Others want to project the best personal brand image possible. Of course, this process is time-consuming, and you may be tempted to disregard it too.

However, remember that if the agreement is not in writing, a small confusion can cause much disagreement. Someone can say he or she did not include an essential part of your work in the quote at the last minute. The only way you can be sure such a thing will never happen to you is always insisting on being given written estimates.
Written Estimate
Remember that a legitimate business will always do this without asking any questions.

The Bottom Line

Many people who have hired tree service companies have many nightmare stories that they share with others. Some of them lament how they lost their money or compensated many injured workers.

Many of them will not tell you where they went wrong. As such, you hardly learn much from such stories.

However, since you do not want to suffer in the same excessively, ensure you choose the arborist company that fit for you and all your needs. To achieve this, fully get acquainted with the simple tips that we have provided here before you get started. That way, the next time you are searching for a tree service in Orange County, CA, you won’t have any regrets.