Your bedroom is meant to be one of the most calming spots in your home. There’s something special about being able to step into a space that is your own, where you can relax and rejuvenate. 

The best bedrooms are the ones that create a sense of refuge, allowing you to retreat from the rest of the world. No matter whether you’re decorating a bedroom from scratch or are looking to give your existing space an update, here are some tips to creating a bedroom that will have you wanting to stay in bed all day!

Go Dark

If you’re looking to create a cozy space, don’t be afraid to opt for darker hues for your walls with shades like navy blues, grays, dark reds, and black which can create the perfect space to fall asleep in and help you get a good night’s rest. You can introduce contrast and lightness to the room by using linens and soft furnishings in lighter colors. 

Organize Your Bedroom

Have you walked into a cluttered bedroom, only to find yourself feeling more stressed than ever? Research suggests that cluttered bedrooms lead to higher anxiety and worse sleep quality, so it’s no surprise that a messy bedroom can be one you don’t want to come home to. 

If you’re looking to make your bedroom more comfortable and cozy, ensuring that it’s fully organized is an easy, budget-friendly way to achieve that. Always make sure to start with one room when it comes to home organization,  – declutter and clear up your desks, and cut down on unnecessary furniture and décor. Once that’s done, you can move on to streamlining your bedroom closet. 

Imagine for a moment, being able to walk into your bedroom and know where all your essentials are. More than that, imagine having all the space possible for you to relax and sprawl across your bed without worrying about bumping into random items. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Bring In Wood

Adding a wooden touch to any space, including your bedroom, can create an instant sense of warmth and coziness. That said, genuine hardwood isn’t necessarily in everyone’s budget. 

So if you’re looking for an affordable way to bring in wooden accents, choose wood furnishings. Even something as simple as wooden cladding can make a significant difference. For those with larger budgets, consider adding ceiling beams or oak paneling to your room’s decor. If you want to be as economical as possible, you should even be able to find wallpapers that stimulate the look of wood. 

Play With the Lighting

Lights can be a great way in creating a comfortable and cozy space. Stay away from harsh, downward lights, especially ones directed at your bed. 

Instead, play with different kinds of lighting around your room. For example, you can add string lights or twinkle lights to create a soothing feeling. Additionally, you can use low-wattage bulbs around your room, as well as lampshades and light fixtures on a dimmer to diffuse the light in your bedroom. 

The best lighting choice in your bedroom will always be natural light. Try to ensure that your bedroom faces the sun if possible, and opt for large windows that maximize the natural light that enters your room. Accent the windows with thick curtains or blinds so that you can darken your room, whenever needed. 

If you must include overhead lights, try to keep the lighting as soft as possible. This can mean choosing a fixture like a chandelier, which allows you to keep the light intensity at a minimum. Alternatively, use yellow or soft white bulbs that are at the warmer end of the color temperature scale.

Accentuate With Soft Furnishings

There’s nothing quite so comfortable as being able to curl up on your bed, wrapped up in a thick blanket. Add to this sensation by including soft furnishings in your bedroom. 

Create a huge pile of mix and match pillows, and opt for a tufted, plush headboard to add a comfortable vibe to your space. Depending on the available space, you should also consider adding a canopy around your bed to feel cocooned. For bedspreads and throw blankets, play with knit fabrics that are both homely and cozy.

However, your soft furnishings should not just be limited to your bed. Bring in a plush area rug on the sides of your bed to ensure that you’re able to feel a soft surface as soon as you leave your bed. Some popular fabrics for these include sheepskin, wool, and shag, all of which are incredibly soft to the feel.

Create a Reading Nook

Regardless of whether you’re an avid reader or not, a reading nook can help you create a comfortable space within your bedroom. Bring in a window seat you can curl up on, and add some pillows and other soft furnishings to make it inviting. 

However, if you don’t already have an in-built window seat, creating one can not only be an expensive proposition, it can also be challenging to clear enough space for it. Instead, you can create a nook using a comfortable armchair, a soft footstool, and some soft blankets. 

Reading nooks can be particularly useful if you share your bedroom with another person. They can act as your private space, perfect for when you need some solitude even while your partner is using the room.

Bring in a Fireplace

Consider adding a fireplace to your room. However, this is probably not an option for you unless you’re creating your bedroom from scratch. 

If you’re looking for a way to add the vibe of a fireplace without having to completely redesign the space or want to do so in a budget-friendly way, a good option is to bring in a faux fireplace. You can do so by adding a mantel with interesting details. If you prefer to add a touch of old-world charm to your space, you can opt for a mantle with a vintage touch. 

Once you have the mantle, add trinkets, candles, and other personal items to it as decoration. Other options include using the mantle to display some of your favorite artwork. If you do opt for candles, choose your preferred scented candles – your room should be a treat for all your senses, including your nose!

Your bedroom should be an escape for you from the rest of the world. The way you decorate this space should be a reflection of you. No matter whether you prefer modern décor or love colors, this guide should be able to help create a gorgeous bedroom – one that no one who enters would ever want to leave!