If you are thinking about unique ways to improve your home, one of the best ways to make the most out of your late nights kicking back, or those fun nights entertaining loads of guests is to build a bar in your home.

Whether you are looking to use a simple corner in the main floor of your home, or want to commit an entire portion of your den to creating a custom bar build out, here are some of the very best reasons to get one.

It’ll actually save you money

Getting your own custom bar buildout might seem like a hefty financial investment. After all, you have to pay for the materials, pay for it to be built masterfully by great carpentry in Miami, and pay for all the great bottles to enjoy. However, overtime you will find that you will save money by avoiding those heft checks at the end of a night out to your favorite local watering hole. Plus, you don’t have to start out by buying the most top-shelf bottles, start simple and then work your way up as your tastes refine and improve.

Enjoy that cigar

If you are a cigar aficionado, you probably hate the fact that you can’t enjoy a great glass of rum with your favorite smoke at your local bar. Luckily, you make the rules at your home at-home bar and can enjoy whatever kind of cigar you please while sipping on a fancy bottle of rum.

Truly relax

Whether you are trying to really unwind after a long day of work or simply want to sit back and watch a great game of football or basketball, it can be hard to really achieve a level of comfort at your local sports bar. Whether it’s a squeaky chair, someone’s weird-smelling order, or just too much activity to really enjoy the game, it can be hard! Luckily, if you build an at-home bar, you don’t have to worry about that ever again. In fact, chances are good that your home will become you and your friends’ favorite place to watch the big game. Just make sure that you remind them to bring the chicken wings and chips and dip.

Only the best

No, we’re not talking about the options of drink at your at-home bar (though you of course get to choose that as well). Instead, we’re talking about the people whom you have over. If you have an at-home bar, you won’t ever have to worry about that one group of guys who have had a few too many and are being belligerent and loud and at the bar. In your at-home bar, you are the owner, the bouncer, and the bartender. That means total control over who, and who does not, come over.

You never have to worry about buzzed driving

Having an at-home bar severely reduces the risk of driving home after having a drink or two. All you’ll have to worry about is getting up the stairs and jumping into bed!