The colour grey has already ceased to be associated with something boring and monotonous, modern trends are considering it as stylish, seasoned and concise. Today it is the colour of sophisticated taste and true style. There is only one thing: grey often looks excessively strict, but this can also be avoided, combining it correctly and choosing the right shades, then even in the design of the bathroom the grey colour will look luxurious.

Ways To Incorporate Grey in The Bathroom

Combine several shades of grey in one interior. This technique always looks fresh and stylish, take a look at the interior of the bathroom pictured below. The walls are painted in medium grey, the cabinet has a more saturated shade, and the tile pattern on which the floor is laid has gathered many tones. All this helps to avoid monotony, and even using essentially just one colour, you create a multifaceted, three-dimensional picture.

A great idea would be to use a large number of tiles, ideally it should be a natural stone, however, you can pick up a high-quality artificial analogue. The main decorative idea is that the stone, in addition to a variety of shades, has a different, unique texture, which additionally reveals the colours.

Modern technology allows you to use wallpaper even for decoration in rooms such as the bathroom. Choose an interesting pattern based on grey colour, such wallpapers will help to create a unique and truly luxurious design. Moisture-proof wallpapers will not lose their properties even in such difficult conditions that are always in the bathroom.

There is no such rule, according to which all the plumbing in the bathroom should be white and with a glossy finish. Why not use something unusual for the interior, such as a grey bath or sink? Such an unusual colour will emphasize the sculpture, shape and volume of the selected item. By the way, the choice of material can also turn into a real game, because the range is great, it has long been not limited to a couple of the most popular materials.

One of the most common materials that are used for interior decoration and has a natural grey finish is concrete. However, usually this material is associated with industrial style and is rarely used in other areas, primarily because concrete has a peculiar, “cold” nature. But this nuance is easy to fix, it is enough to combine it with “warm” materials, in the first place we are talking, of course, about wood. Such a pair corresponds to all the latest trends in world interior fashion, which today is directed towards environmental friendliness and the use of the maximum amount of natural materials.

Remember the proportions, they often play a crucial role. So, even using very dark grey tones, you can keep the interior voluminous and light. To do this, it’s enough to arrange most of the room in light colours, and let the dark, dramatic ones play the role of an elegant addition. In this case, you can create something close to a monochrome combination, namely black and white, but use dark grey together with black.

The colour grey in all its manifestations is nevertheless neutral, which is why it, like all neutral tones, serves as an excellent background for small and bright little things. You can add several elements of bright colour to the general colour palette, they will attract attention. What exactly will act as accent details – you decide, perhaps for your interior saturated shades of towels, bottles for shampoos and creams will be good.

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