Once your baby starts to crawl, you need more patience as a parent. If you are not the one taking care of the baby, you have to make sure that the household is safe. Baby proofing a house is often ignored by new parents. But try crawling around your place. How safe is it?

A crawling baby is reading to explore everything. This is the perfect way to improve their muscles’ strength. As a responsible parent, you need to check the designs and types of houses that are safe for your baby. 

How to ensure the safety of baby products?


If you check on the latest record, there is an average of 3000 walker accidents per year in US hospitals alone. It is not advisable to use a walker anymore. Babies and toddlers in walkers can easily roll into the pool or downstairs. There are also incidents where a baby rolls into a hot stove resulting in third-degree burns. Walkers may give a baby the idea to break free from any gateway or blockage on their way. 

You may use an activity saucer that doesn’t move when necessary. In case there are times you can’t look out for your child 24/7. You can try this product.

Cribs, Beds, Chairs, and Changing Tables

Buying this kind of baby item must have a declared warranty. It means the manufacturer is confident that the item is 100% sturdy and long-lasting. Hence, you can sue them for not delivering the expected quality as advertised.

According to Schmidt & Clark, a top law firm specializing in product liability cases, there are countless cases of serious injury or death resulting from thousands of types of consumer products. It is thus best to be careful and plan ahead how to build up the best house for your baby.

Given the odds that could happen, never leave a baby unattended as long as possible. If the product is a bed or crib, the last thing that you can do is check if everything is properly assembled. When you are using a changing table, do not leave your baby unattended even for a second. On the other hand, using highchairs, strollers, and carriages, mostly rely the baby’s safety on the parents. Be sure all straps are working and can secure your child. Check if it’s not too loose or too tight. Despite your preventiveness as a parent, if the product still malfunctions, you know where to go.

How to ensure the safety of your household?


Do not leave your child alone if you have stairs. They can explore, climb and eventually fall. Installing a safety gate at the door of your baby’s room could prevent your child from reaching the top of the stairs. You can also have a house with a slide instead of stairs alone to limit the impact of the baby falls. These little angels are explorers. They’d think that the stairs are an obstacle course. 


Window screens are generally for dust. It can’t really protect your baby from falling out of windows. It is better to make sure that the window is baby proof but easy for adults to open, especially if you live on higher floors.  

With those tiny feet and little arms, you may wonder how the baby got into an accident at home. Well, people might blame the parents firsthand. Nobody has the authority to judge. What matters here is the safety of your growing child.