Home decor trends are changing at the speed of light and every season brings something new or readapts the most beloved vintage tricks. 2020/21 is no exception: it united both old and new features to make the home design more suitable for today’s lifestyle. A home office is a good example of it. This old-new trend got a second wind since many of us work remotely in the times of pandemic. But there are also many more interesting design ideas and decor trends to look forward to in the next year. CGIFURNITURE studio made a special selection of the hottest home decor ideas for the upcoming season. Let’s get to them right away!

#1. Floral Wall Paintings and Wallpapers

The first association that comes to mind when you think about floral patterns is the granny’s house. However, the recent wallpaper decor trend is a lot more up-to-date. Today, carefully chosen floral wall paintings and wallpapers can serve the purpose of a statement piece in any interior. Another reason why the trend is gaining popularity by the day is an unlimited number of options to play around with. It is possible to fit floral wall paintings or wallpapers into any room or style without making them look out of place. Even a bachelor’s burrow would seem cozier with a peonies print in either the kitchen or living room.

#2. Curvy and Rounded Shapes

Even though home decor trends are changing rapidly, the most popular of them usually come back after some time with a new twist. Case in point, curvey shapes from pop-art 60’s and funky 80’s are back in style. In the 2020s, all the rounded futuristic furniture and decor are indeed modernized and up-to-date — just like in the 3D render above. All in all, a modern living room furnished with curvy sofas, round carpets, and spiral vases calls for heart-warming family conversations and cozy evenings spent together.

#3. Warm Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are the current must-have trend in home decor. Anything on the scale from olive green, wine, and chocolate brown to yellow ochre and mustard is in high demand. The general idea is that with natural-shaded walls and a plethora of wood, metal, and plants, your home will resonate with Nature. What’s more, earth tones allow for creating appealing contrasts as well. For instance, you can easily play around with a dark chocolate sofa amid a burnt orange room, or you can organically incorporate black doors into a neutral environment.

#4. Layers of Contrasting Decor

Most of the previously mentioned home decor trends were centered around the items that matched one another seamlessly so that there was barely any room for contrast. Even when there were contrasts introduced into the design, they allowed no layering. Now, the layered contrasting decor is the hit of the season. Color grading, contrasting textures and materials, highlighted accent pieces, and the mixture of vintage and futuristic items is no longer a taboo, quite on the contrary.

#5. Multifunctional Spaces

One of the long-standing home decor trends is multifunctional space. In times of the pandemic, having your living space practical on top of cozy and comfortable is crucial. The most requested designs are the combo of the kitchen and dining room, home office and gym, kids room and playroom, etc. Think about a kitchen equipped with an island that can serve both as a dining table and a workstation. Keeping an eye on your child while working at the home office is also killing two birds with one stone.

#6. Home Office

One of the most popular and requested home decor trends of 2020/21 is a functional home office. The number of people working from home is growing, so it is essential to equip a practical workspace in the house. Today, there is no need for a separate room to be transformed into a home office. The multifunctional space trend combined with smart design can help to create a home office within your bedroom or living room with no problems.

#7. Canopy Bed

Naturally, the bed is one of the biggest objects in the room so the most attention is centered around it. Based on the latest design and decor trends, a canopy bed is the most required bed model at the moment. There is no wonder why – a canopy bed is a perfect link between the present and the past. It is the universal representation of supreme comfort, peaceful nights, and refreshing rest. However, it is essential that the bed is placed in such a way that it does not overstuff the bedroom no matter how large it is.

As you see, modern home decor trends are numerous and versatile so anyone can find what they like. There is no need to follow every other trend as they’re ever-changing. Instead, you can choose something that is suitable for your home design only. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things — freshening your environment up is always good for your mental state, which is what we all have to keep in mind while staying at home most of the time.