We’ve all heard the claims that solar power will save you money and make your home more environmentally friendly. But is solar power really all it’s talked up to be?

You might think the cost of solar panels in Mandurah and Perth is a stretch for the budget, so it pays to know if solar power is really worth it. Spoiler: it almost always is.

How does solar power work?

Solar power works by taking energy from the sun and converting it into electricity that you can use in your home. Solar panels on your roof capture rays from the sun. The photovoltaic cells in the panel convert that energy into a DC (direct current). Then the solar inverter converts the DC into AC (alternating current) which you can use to power your appliances.

If your solar panels create more electricity than you can use, the extra electricity may be sent back to the grid. In some cases, your energy provider may pay you for this electricity. Some people have solar batteries which store excess electricity created during the day so that they can use it when the sun is not shining, such as at nighttime.

How much solar power do I need for my house?

To figure out if solar is worth it for your household, you need to calculate what size solar system you need. This will depend on a number of factors.

Ask yourself:

  • Why do you want a solar system? Is it for the environment? To save money on heating and cooling? To make money by selling electricity back to the grid?
  • How much energy does your household use currently? Do you want a system that will supply all your electricity needs?
  • How much space do you have on your roof? Roof space will affect how many panels you can install.
  • How many hours of sunlight do you get? For example, you will need less solar panels in Rockingham compared to a location which receives much less sunlight.
  • What is your budget? Keep in mind that more efficient systems will cost more but you will require less panels compared to less efficient systems.

The best way to find out how much solar power you need is to talk to a solar power installation specialist.

Does solar power save you money?

Yes, solar power saves you money in the long term. Usually people who invest in solar will save back the cost of solar panels and solar installation within a few years.

Solar power saves you money because:

  • You use less power from the grid.
  • Excess electricity can be fed back into the grid.
  • You avoid the rising cost of electricity.
  • You can store excess electricity to use later.
  • Solar power adds to the value of your home.

So, is investing in solar power worth it?

In the majority of cases, solar panels in Mandurah, Perth and other sunny locations are worth it. If you invest now, you will likely save back the cost of the solar system within 2-6 years. After that, you could be saving up to 100% of your electricity bill while doing your bit for the environment. Solar power is a long term investment that is truly worth it.