While there are many helpful tips about system care and maintenance out there, some of the advice might actually be a common myth. Here are four home heating myths we would like to dubunk

Myth #1: Unused room vents should be closed to reduce home heating cost.

Close the vents disturbs this equilibrium and to equalize the pressure, the furnace has to work harder. If you would like to conserve electricity, we advise that you do the reverse. Ensure that the vents and registers are not blocked or obstructed by any appliance, carpets, and other objects.

Myth #2: Place the thermostat at the highest temperature to warm the house fast.

In fact, it doesn’t work that way. No matter the temperature in the thermostat, furnaces heat the distance at exactly the same speed until the optimum temperature is attained. Setting the temperature too large will just add strain to your own unit. To save energy, place the temperature a few degrees cooler to make it easy for the furnace to warm your dwelling.

Myth #3: A high-efficiency furnace is precisely what you need to lower heating costs.

There is little doubt about the benefits of a high-efficient furnace when it comes to reducing heating bills. However, this alone won’t give you the savings you deserve. Other techniques to keep a comfortable and efficient home this winter is by making sure adequate insulation, ductwork repair and inspection, sealing cracks on windows and doors, and setting the thermostat at least two degrees lower.

Myth #4: A chilly floor and wall is common in sunlight.

Are the walls and floors especially cold? You might need to upgrade your insulation. Your home needs to keep cold air out and warm atmosphere in. Air leaks around doors, windows or ductwork can make your walls and flooring to become remarkably cold. Be sure to seal them instantly.

7 Common Home Heating Myths Debunked created by Logan AC & Heat Services.