Dogs are adored around the world and for great reason! In addition to being our companions or service animals, security guards, or sleeping buddies, these four-legged creatures provide endless cuddles, love, and affection.

Studies show that dogs experience stress, and no one can deny that moving home can be extremely stressful! Therefore, it would only make sense that while accommodating our children and partner’s needs when looking to upgrade your home life, that you would also consider your beloved dogs.

You may not be surprised to know that making your house more animal-friendly boosts its value. But, beyond outdoor fencing and kennels, which indoor features could you add to your home that will improve the quality of your dog’s life?

This article will explore which upgrades are the most useful – keep your home tidier, more comfortable, and add convenience.

Dedicated sleeping area

Has a friend ever described to you how her six dogs and cats sleep on their bed every night? If you have been one to question whether this physiologically disturbs sleep during the night, the answer is yes! Small disturbances throughout the night too slight to bring you into wakefulness, disrupt your ability to fall into a deep sleep.

Health specialists are now recommending that dog owners dedicate a sleeping area for their pooches. Whether it be an indoor kennel or a secret spot under the stairs, ensuring the comfort of your pets shouldn’t come at the expense of your sleep health. 

Dog door flaps

Giving your pets uninterrupted access into and out of the house is an excellent idea. The professionals behind point out that this uncostly invention can be easily installed into most doors, and now you can decide whether you’d like the traditional door opening or motorized access.

There are many brands of door flaps on the market and it is best to compare several before you make your purchase. If you are unsure of whether a dog flap could make a difference in your home, then it is recommended you invest some time into researching whether an option could fit your needs. 

Animal washing station

With so many health benefits of walking your dog, we are sure you do this regularly. As many dog-owners take their leashes off their dogs, in a playing field or in the woods, for example, it is not uncommon for your dog to return covered in mud, grass, and reeds, or simply dusty and dirty.

The issue comes when you return to your clean home. Which is the best way to clean your dog? Do you spray your dog down outside? Do you use your own bath or shower to do their washing? How do you dry them before they sprint off and jump onto your couches with wet bodies? The latest trends are showing that home-owners are beginning to invest in animal washing stations. It is the perfect area to bathe your dog and you can custom fit various features to suit your needs. 

Laminate flooring

Installing laminate floors is a wonderful way to reduce scratching of wooden board flooring, as well as provide water resistance for spilled water bowls, dog accidents, and water and snow that has been tracked into the house. A study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) exploring the remodeling impact of having animals in homes – particularly in urban settings – found that out of those who remodeled their home or completed a home renovation project, 10% installed laminate flooring.  

It is best to explore higher-end options that offer an upper layer for sound absorption, at the same time as providing insulation for your home. Additionally, higher-end options on the market will not get damaged easily and can offer an embossed or textured finish to increase traction. 

Hide-away feeding area

If one of your pet-peeves is the water bowl that is constantly messing and wetting the feeding area or your kitchen, this one is for you! And like most house conversion features or upgrades, there are several options.

One way of creating a separate dog-feeding area that is neat and clean is to utilize the space under a stairwell, under a wooden kitchen island feature, or even inside a cupboard that has space available. Tidy for guests when needed, this area will become your next favorite interior upgrade.

The latest craze is to convert the bottom drawer of any drawer set, most suitably near the kitchen or laundry area, into a hide-away feeding area. Not only is this feature slick and rather cool, but it is also very discreet. When these feeding and water bowls are not in use, it is simple to stow this drawer out of the way and sight of guests, for example. Furthermore, a feeding area that you can hide-away prevents bowls from being tripping over and subsequent pellets being crushed into the floor. What a winner!

Ramps for an aging pooch

This interior upgrade is usually neglected, and one that individuals with older dogs may simply not even consider installing. Essentially, there are many dogs whose joints may become weakened, their balance may start to go, and their overall potential energy expenditure becomes insufficient to get them completely onto some pieces of furniture, the bed, or upstairs. 

Building simple ramps which would run alongside your stairs or furniture is a simple way to serve your aging dog. By helping them with ramps, not only will their hind legs and aging joints be saved from the effort, pain, and risk of injury will too. 

Total life upgrade

There are some other interior home features that could enhance life for your dog or for the human residents. For example, by installing a swinging door or half gate, you can easily keep your dog out of your kitchen without fully excluding them from the great atmosphere in your home.

Any features and upgrades that you imagine are going to make your dog more comfortable at home will do just that, and in return, your dog is likely going to reward you with never-ending affection and happiness! The love of a dog is unmatched, and by taking that extra step to give your dog back just some of the love they show you every day, both of your lives will become more enriched.