Clearing a house can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience especially in times of a loss. Often people inherit old properties and need to have them cleared out for sale or rent. It is a nice gesture to receive a property but the house clearance task can feel very invasive and upsetting when trying to go through a relatives personal belongings and furniture, then deciding on what to keep and what to dispose of. It can often be time consuming as well, especially if you have a direct attachment to the homeowner as the experience can bring up a lot of memories and distractions therefore making the job harder to complete.

It’s not surprising then, that so many people search for house clearance dublin services or removal services in Dublin on the internet. It is not an easy task to do and it can help to ease the burden of clearing out someone’s home by leaving the job to a professional house clearance company. Getting the job sorted by an efficient man with a van will mean the house is cleared out promptly as they have no emotional attachment to the property or to the belongings and can be more thorough in their approach.
House Clearances
Choosing the right house clearance company in Dublin is very important, after all you want a company that is efficient, organized and sensitive to your needs. Trust is necessary, you will need a removal company that clears out unwanted junk but will leave aside items that might be valuable for your inspection. Sometimes there can be furniture, jewelry, ornaments etc. that you may have overlooked and a professional man with a van will use his discretion in this case.

Waste and junk removal can be costly. It is also not clear sometimes how big the job is until the van is loaded up. It is best practice to choose an experienced removal business who has completed many house clearance jobs and are willing to come out to assess the work. A quote over the phone will often not be accurate in comparison to seeing the job in person. The man with a van services may not be cheap but it is important to be aware that rubbish disposal can be costly, the price is often determined by weight.

A reputable man and van company will have an online presence on social media- Facebook, Twitter etc., and a website. It should also be easy to find genuine references online about this man and van company. For example any references with a verified by Trust Pilot are real and cannot be faked or altered. The company should be able to give you contact details from happy customers if needed.

What are the benefits of having a house cleared?

What are the benefits of having a house cleared
Organisation – A professional house removals dublin company will take out the furniture and belongings quickly, carefully and in an organised way. Then you can sort what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep, leaving the actual moving of larger items to the house clearance team. They are experienced in carrying large loads with methods for packing the van in a certain way so that the space can be utilised resourcefully.

Efficiency – Having the extra help and advice from a removal team will make the overall task much quicker than trying to do the job on your own. Because the man with a van team are usually being paid at an hourly rate, you will make the decisions about what you are keeping or disposing of, much faster! The team will have larger vans that will enable them to take bigger loads at a time, therefore more time can be spent on removing furniture and belongings from the house instead of doing multiple trips to the landfill.

Rubbish Disposal – Most house clearances will involve removing rubbish and waste and even with the best intentions for some items there is nowhere them to go than to the landfill! It is important to source a man with a van that will dispose of any unwanted junk, furniture, paperwork etc. legally and in an environmentally friendly way. A professional house clearance company will specialise in correctly disposing of the furniture, electrical items and junk after they have been taken out of the house. Any removal business that is genuine and professional will be transparent about how they will dispose of junk and waste- they should provide details about their waste permit or a receipt from a landfill site that they will be disposing junk. The last thing you need is a fine for rubbish disposed of illegally. Also an experienced man and van company will advise you on what can safely and legally dispose of and what your options are in regards to recycling, reselling or disposal of belongings and furniture.