Besides the texture and feel, there is another crucial facet of your bed that will influence your choice, which is its size. Making the right decision when choosing the appropriate queen or king-size bed with storage that comfortably accommodates you and your partner is crucial for many reasons. The perfectly sized mattress will ensure optimal comfort and that you and your partner get a good night’s sleep. It can go a long way to keep you refreshed and energized, all while promoting a healthy relationship, good physical health, and overall well-being. 

Modern beds come in a plethora of sizes and types. While finding the ideal one can be a daunting task, you can rest assured finding the right fit for both of you. This article will go over the most commonly available bed sizes and some essential factors you must consider when choosing the right bed for you and your significant other. We hope to help you make an informed choice to avoid any hassle or a tedious return process later.  

King Sized Bed

Standing long at 76 inches by 80 inches, king-sized beds are the widest amongst all bed sizes. If your room is large enough to accommodate some extra bed width, then a king-sized bed will provide you and your significant other with maximum space for sleeping and other activities. The extra width makes them the ideal option for couples who like to stretch out and value their own space or those who may prefer to sleep sideways. 

If you or your partner are prone to turning and tossing during sleep, then a king-sized bed can prove to be the right choice. It is perfect for a large master bedroom and provides you with enough space to share it with your little one or a pet without compromising the space and feeling cramped. While a king-size may be a little expensive depending on your budget, if a long, relaxing, and restful sleep is something non-negotiable, then it is totally worth it.

Queen Sized Bed

Perhaps the most common of all bed sizes, the queen bed can fit conveniently in almost any average-sized room without the need to move or rearrange any existing furniture. So if you are working in tight spaces, the queen-sized makes for a better choice than the king. Queen beds measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and are significantly narrower than their king counterparts. While that means there would be less personal space for you and your partner, the smaller surface area can promote some snuggle time during the night. 

The queen bed is a popular choice for couples who do not need too much space while sleeping. At the same time, it is spacious enough to give your and your significant other ample room to move around and re-position without disturbing the other while also allowing for your little one to hop in at night occasionally. If you want a budget-friendly option and are looking to save some money, then a queen-sized bed provides a great combination of comfort, size, and cost.

Full-Sized Bed

A full-sized bed, or double bed, is best suited for a single person who wants maximum freedom and flexibility, or perhaps single parents with a young child. 

Its dimensions are substantially smaller than a queen, so it fits into most bedrooms without making it look cramped. However, a double bed can also work well for couples working with limited floor space. Although not very spacious, it can provide enough room for two people to sleep, but keep your nose to nose with your partner. So if you and your partner do not mind not having their personal space, then gravitating towards a full-sized bed can prove to be an economical alternative to a queen. 

You may even consider a double XL which measures 54 by 80 inches and is 5 inches more in length than the regular full-sized bed. That can provide you with some extra room to extend those long legs if you or your partner are a tall person. However, if you tend to sleep curled up, this extra length may be less of a factor.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Now you have all the information about different bed sizes up your sleeve, there are a few additional factors that should influence your decision to choose the right type of bed for your specific situation.

Bedroom Size

The perfect bed size should complement the look and layout of your bedroom seamlessly. After all, is there anything worse than hauling a new bed into your bedroom, only to realize that it does not fit in it? Measure the available space in your bedroom to check where the bed will fit in perfectly. You want to leave enough room for easy movement, ensure you can open and close the doors comfortably, and prevent the room from becoming too congested. That is especially if you decide to add new furniture to the bedroom. 

Bedroom Location

Regardless of whether your new bed will fit in the room, you want to make sure you can easily transport it to your bedroom, especially up the stairs. Maneuvering a king or California king-size bed can be difficult for some, therefore be mindful of the size. Consider the width of your stairways and how challenging it may be to get the bed around corners, through the entryway, and onto the first floor. 

Future Plans

Before deciding on bed size, think about the foreseeable future and what may be needed and few years down the line. A bed is a significant investment- something that serves you for the long term. Do you plan to have kids or pets anytime soon? If so, it would be wise to skip the full version and go with a versatile and future-proof choice like a Queen, or perhaps a King, if space allows.

Finding the right bed for you and your significant other can be stressful. You want a bed you can sleep comfortably on without hanging off the other end and maximum motion isolation. At the same time, you do not want to pay extra for a bed larger than your actual requirements. The right-sized bed will promote a conducive environment for healthy, restful sleep. There is no perfect bed size as it is a very personal choice. 

Ultimately, your decision should boil down to your sleeping habits, space available, and budget. With a little bit of research and forethought, you can ensure ending up with a great mattress that best suits your and your partner’s needs.