The importance of lighting in a living space can be overemphasized. With proper lighting, a room can go from looking gloomy to bright. Lighting can also serve as beautification for a room and make it look homelier. When it comes to lighting fixtures, LED lights stand out for all the right reasons. LED lights are known to be durable, energy-efficient, and last long while in use. Due to the numerous benefits of LED lights, many people have decided to make the switch from traditional light bulbs. This is why it is important to know what LED lights to choose. In this article, we will discuss tips to help you to choose LED lights for your home. 

Tips to Help You Choose LED Lights for Your Home

There are certain actions to take that will help you to make a seamless switch to LED lights in your home. We have detailed some of them as tips below.

  • Take Inventory: The first thing to do is to make a note of all the bulbs in your home. While doing this, try to document the size, voltage, wattage, and types of bulbs that you have in the house. This will help you to figure out how many bulbs you need to replace, and in what shape, sizes, and wattage you need to get them. 
  • Understand The Difference Between Lumens and Watts: If you are used to using incandescent bulbs, then you will be familiar with watts as a measure of brightness. With LED lights, it is a bit different as you deal with lumens instead. Therefore, when choosing LED lights look out for the lumens instead of the watts. 
  • Color: The variety of colors available when it comes to LED lights, means that you have to be intentional about your choice. While incandescent bulbs usually come in a yellowish hue, LED bulbs offer more range. The common choices when it comes to LED lights are usually soft white and bright white. However, you can always check to see if you find a color that catches your fancy. 
  • Check For The Dimming Function: One mistake that a lot of homeowners make when it comes to choosing LED lights, is purchasing non-dimmable bulbs. You have to check at the store, to be sure that the bulb can be dimmed to your preference before purchase. 
  • Not All Light Fixtures: Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that all light fixtures do not need to be changed to LED bulbs. Some areas of the home are best left with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. For example, LED lights might not be good for enclosed spaces, due to the heat that they emit. Also, check with a professional to be sure that LED lights fit a particular space.  


Choosing LED lights for your home is a cost-effective solution, which must be done properly. You need to decide if you want designer lighting or otherwise. Either way, it is important to be extremely thorough during your installation process.