In the past decades, there is hardly any invention that has provided more satisfaction for homeowners than solar panels. Solar panels have empowered homeowners to control their usage of energy, providing them with energy efficiency while enabling them to cut down on extra costs. Due to the importance of solar panels, many homeowners are typically concerned about their maintenance. One question that is commonly asked, is if it is necessary to clean solar panels. In this article, we will discuss the necessity of cleaning solar panels, as well as highlight the best way to go about it. 

Is It Necessary to Clean Your Solar Panels?

When it comes to the topic of cleaning solar panels, there is two schools of thought with opposing views. While some people believe that it is crucial to clean your solar panel, others believe that it is not needed as rain carries out that function. 

As a matter of fact, the answer to the question lies somewhere in the middle. Solar panels do not have to be cleaned but cleaning them comes with some benefits. Substances like dust, debris, pollen, and dirt, may affect the effectiveness of your solar system when they accumulate over time. Cleaning your panel will get rid of these substances and keep your solar panel running optimally. In addition, cleaning your solar panels manually helps you to get rid of the dirt that rain might not reach. 

It is, therefore, safe to say that it is necessary to clean your solar panels regularly, if you want to keep them in good safe for a long time. The important thing is knowing how to clean it properly. 

How to Clean Solar Panels

Cleaning solar panels is easy and straightforward requiring no professional skills. Depending on the state of your solar panel, you can carry out a short cleaning exercise or an extensive cleaning.

  • Minimal Build-Up: If your solar panel is simply covered in dust and debris, then a short cleaning exercise is required using a hose. All you need to do is to get a garden hose and connect it to water. Spray the solar panels with water, making sure to reach every inch and corner. Avoid cleaning your panels with a pressure washer or high-pressure jets. Doing this might leave the panels scratched, thereby reducing their functionality.
  • Extensive Cleaning: Your solar panels might require extensive cleaning when substances like plant materials and bird droppings have stained them. In this case, simply spraying with a garden hose will not suffice. A thorough scrubbing is the best option in this case. The tools that you need are water, a mild soap, as well as a soft scrubber. It is important that you scrub gently at all times for the best result.


Cleaning your solar panel every weekend is not a feasible idea. This is why it is best to a solar panel bird proofing system, to protect your panels from bird droppings and other form of dirt.