A thermostatic shower stores water at a high temperature before mixing it with cold water in a valve to reach the temperature specified in advance of using it. Together with stirring the water, the valve will also react promptly to variations in the temperature of the water supply. It will automatically modify the combined water to bring it back to the previously set temperature. It is because of this feature that a thermostatic shower is the most dependable and controller-friendly of all shower types.

How does it work?

Shower valves with a thermostatic control will also shut down instantly if the cold water supply is interrupted. This is done to prevent injury to the user due to the hot water, such as scorching. The built-in safety system distinguishes thermostatic showers from other showers, making them more family-friendly and multi-generational.

Each thermostatic shower is comprised of several essential components, which are as follows:

  • Element: When the temperature of the water running through it changes, the element changes in size, increasing or decreasing in size.
  • Piston: The piston, which works in conjunction with the spring, moves across the hot and cold water entry points to regulate the water temperature as the element increases or drops. The piston plays an important role in maintaining a steady temperature.
  • Temperature control: This is the valve section that you can see and regulate, just as you would with any other shower. The control moves the piston, which changes the proportion of hot and cold water in the mix.

These components work together to maintain the temperature you have specified at a steady level and to make adjustments as needed.

Thermostatic shower valves types

According to Verana, an expert company in this sector, says about four different styles of thermostatic shower valves, ensuring that you’ll be able to select one that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic.

These are the ones:

Bar valve:

With their slimline controls and compact dimensions, bar shower valves are a good alternative for tiny bathrooms due to their slimline design. These thermostatic valves are simple to install and are often the most affordable of the thermostatic valves. They are available in various materials, including chrome and black finishes, and are mounted on cylindrical or square-shaped bars.

Concealed Valve

The ultimate minimalist design in their bathrooms, concealed shower valves are for individuals who prefer a sleek and discrete appearance in their bathroom fixtures. All of the shower components are hidden behind a plate mounted to the wall or within the wall itself. Only the controls, the riser, and the showerhead are visible here, resulting in less visual clutter on the wall.

Exposed Valve

Exposed shower valves give your bathroom a sophisticated and designer-inspired appearance because all of the controls and shower workings are located outside the wall. This enables you to move between two water outputs, for example, an overhead shower and a shower handset, without switching between two computers. This valve might help fill in empty wall space in a larger bathroom space.

Traditional Valve

Traditional shower valves add a classic style to your bathroom, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of current technology while also enjoying the elegance of traditional styling. Level and cross handles are included in this group of valves, which blend bar and exposed valve types. Vintage elements are seamlessly incorporated into the current showering experience.