Who doesn’t want to save money on insurance? When being uninsured is not an option, we look for various ways to reduce the premium price and get the best insurance cover. Finding affordable car insurance is like discovering a secret recipe. Every insurance company has a different algorithm to calculate the premium. You need to know at least a few factors that influence it. 

Your driving skills are more likely to be on the list. People with a higher accident/ collision record and more claims are considered high risk by the insurance companies. The auto insurance premium shoots up automatically. Seniors and teens also tend to be clubbed in the same category. 

So, how can you save on auto insurance in such instances? Through the defensive driving course. Many insurance companies offer around 5% 10% discount for customers who completed the defensive driving course. If you want to add your teen to the insurance policy, get them to join the course first. 

What is Defensive Driving? 

In simple terms, defensive driving is where you use specific driving strategies to be safe when driving and minimize the risk of traffic accidents, bodily injury, or other unexpected on-road calamities. 

A defensive driving course empowers drivers to make better decisions when behind the wheel and concentrate on the job at hand. Understanding how the weather affects the roads and visibility, avoiding collisions due to others’ mistakes, not using a mobile phone when driving, etc., are taught during the course. You learn how to: 

  • Ensure a reasonable distance between your vehicle and others on the road to avoid sudden hits or obstacles. 
  • Control your driving speed at all times and follow the speed limits in the region to avoid getting a speeding ticket. 
  • Be prepared and alert for the unexpected so that you’ll be safer on the road. This is a vital aspect of defensive driving. 

Reasons to Join Defensive Driving Course 

Finding cheap auto insurance is not the only reason to join the defensive driving course. Though it does help save money, defensive driving primarily makes you a better driver. It instructs you how to be safe when behind the wheel. You can avoid being caught by the law for breaking a driving rule. 

  • Those earlier convicted for DUI or other driving offenses may have to compulsorily clear the defensive driving course to reinstate the driving license.
  • Teens and new drivers will benefit from a professional defensive driving course as it is much more detailed than the standard driving course.
  • Senior citizens will feel confident as the course will be a refresher program and help them get in touch with the basics again. 
  • A few states allow drivers to keep the ticket off the driving record if they complete the defensive driving course. 
  • Get affordable and low-cost auto insurance by showing proof of clearing the defensive driving exam. 

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance through Defensive Driving? 

You need to clear the defensive driving course exam conducted by the state to qualify for the discount on auto insurance. However, the rules for defensive driving discounts vary from one insurance company to another. 

In most instances, you can earn back the amount spent on the course in the form of a discount on your vehicle insurance premium in just a year. Many people get back the investment and also make twice or thrice of the amount through a defensive driving discount for the year. Since your policy gets renewed year after year, you continue to save money. 

Talk to insurance agents to find the cheapest providers for you and get an insurance policy within your budget. You want an insurer who offers discounts for good drivers, provides roadside assistance, and includes personal injury protection in the plan. Ask questions to get as much information about car insurance before you finalize an insurance company. 

Requirements and Exclusions for Defensive Driving Discount

Insurers set certain requirements to offer a defensive driving discount on the insurance price. 

  • Age requirements where only teens and seniors can apply for the discount. 
  • Take part in a minimum number of driving hours during the course. 
  • Submit the document/ certificate of completing the course as proof. 
  • Both online and in-person courses are accepted if the course providers are approved by the local jurisdictions. 
  • The rules for defensive driving course change from one state to another. 

Final Words 

Make sure to confirm with the insurer before joining the defensive driving course. Moreover, insurers don’t automatically renew the discount forever. There’s a time restriction on the offer. It is better to join the course once every couple of years to ensure that you avail of the defensive driving discount on your auto insurance.