Having the keys to a brand-new property is a rare and exciting prospect. It presents you with a blank canvas to paint your own style upon, rather than adapting the tastes of the previous owners. 

Of course, the benefits of decorating a new build are kept in check by the daunting prospect of choosing colors for all the rooms, sourcing matching furniture, creating a coherent aesthetic, and making sure it works for everyone who lives in the property. 

Given this overwhelming list of tasks, it can be easy to avoid being bold in favor of a more conservative approach. However, if you are merely doing this to avoid any mistakes, then that would be an error, because experimenting with your decoration can be extremely rewarding.

This is how to best decorate a new build.

Future-proof your home with renewable energy

Before you reach the stage of choosing paint colors or furnishing bedrooms, it is a good idea to ensure you have the groundworks laid beforehand. While style is key, so too is substance, so consider whether there is any technology which might make living in your new-build more pleasant. 

This could include looking to the future by ensuring your property produces (or at least has access to) renewable energy. 

Whether you fit solar panels, an electric car-charging port, or just hire a specialist to ensure your property is efficient with its energy usage, it is worth consulting with an energy specialist when involved with new home construction Eagan MN.

Choose room colors carefully

One of the most deceptively important decisions you will need to make when decorating your new build is the paint color for each room. 

While it might seem like a relatively minor task—especially when you consider the difficulty in sourcing furniture—paint color can have a huge impact on your perception of room size, the type of furniture you can match with it, and can even influence your mood. 

Therefore, it is worth collecting a number of paint samples for each room, and experimenting with them. It might be a little more expensive upfront, but it is better than going through the effort of painting a whole room, only to decide you hate it.

If you are on a budget, source second-hand furniture 

Furniture can be eye-wateringly expensive, especially when you are trying to furnish an entire property from scratch. 

No one wants to compromise on key items, or look as if you can’t afford quality furniture, so this process will require you to think outside the box. 

For instance, you could pair new pieces of furniture with quality used items, which will save you a huge amount of money. These used pieces are often barely used, but because they are second hand can be purchased for a significant amount under the retail price. 

Not only is this cost-effective and gives an impression of quality, but it will help reduce landfill waste, too. 

Define the theme of the property

To help you decide upon paint colors, furniture choices, and other details, it is worth defining what you want the theme of the property to be. Perhaps it already has an architectural theme which you can continue with inside, or perhaps it is a complete blank canvas, and requires your personal tastes to come to the fore.

Whatever the case, you should take time to decide upon the general aesthetic of the building, before rushing into any decisions.