The bedroom is a sanctuary; this is where to wind down and relax after a long hard day. Despite the significance, we tend to be more motivated to decorate and accessorize the rest of our homes, unintentionally neglecting our bedrooms. Indisputably, when it comes to bedrooms, the less the clutter, the better; however, this shouldn’t confine you to a bland space. With a broad spectrum of décor pieces and choices at your disposal, you can easily switch up your bedroom into a neat, chic room that’s equally cozy and aesthetic.

Six catchy bedroom décor pieces

If you could have your dream bedroom, what would it look like?- This is always a good starting point for you to derive your style. First, figure out whether you’re a minimalist at heart, a luxe-lover, or a contemporary fan before drawing from everything that has ever inspired you- say, that hotel room in Cancun, perhaps? We’ve put together six unique items that will boost your bedroom décor game.

Statement lamps

Layer up the lighting in your bedroom with additional lamps; the only difference this time is they’ll go beyond their lighting functions. Lighting fixtures like floor and bedside table lamps make stunning bedroom décor additions. From bulky to sleek and textured fixtures, you’ll have your work cut out for you but most importantly, you’re looking at a wide variety that leaves you more room for choice.

Fur rugs

Who doesn’t love the luxurious feel of fur on their feet? Fur rugs are the perfect combination of luxury and comfort- they add a touch of fluffy coziness and warmth wherever set. It’s about time you went hunting for a plush fur rug that would go well with your bedroom, and if actual fur is well beyond your budget, you can always opt for faux fur. Faux fur looks and feels just as good as the real deal for half the price.

Contemporary mirrors

Contemporary mirrors have us obsessing. You’d be surprised at how big a difference mirrors can make. Put up a stylishly framed full-size mirror in the corner of your bedroom to create the illusion of a spacious room. One also must appreciate how functional a full-length bedroom mirror is; this is one of those elements you never know you need until you get one, and then you can’t live without them.

Glass trays

Reflective glass trays are just some of the interior décors trends we’re carrying well into 2022- the shiny reflective surface with intricate handle designs in gold, brass, and silver. So, what’s not to love about glass trays? Invest in a glass tray for your dressing table where all your perfumes and jewelry will go, or set it on your bedroom bench with a vase, candle, and reed diffuser for that sophisticated touch.

Bold wallpaper

Wallpaper is always the single-effort resort to bedroom decoration- one detail that’ll switch up the entire outlook of a space. So look into getting some solid colored or patterned wallpaper to give your bedroom the facelift it needs. Think calming colors like nude, lilac, baby blue, or make a loud statement with geometry and marble patterns- whichever your choice, the wallpaper will always be an impressionable decor statement.

Paintings and figurines

When it comes to interior décor, paintings will always be a favorite; they’re a classic. Hanging pictures in your space is one way to introduce character and personality to it. Similarly, abstract figurines bring in an artistic vibe that is aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Perhaps it’s time to take up that pottery or painting class you’ve always wanted to come up with something custom-made? Regardless, have fun experimenting with different colors and designs to find your perfect fit.


The appeal of a tastefully decorated space is timeless. You do not have to splurge on a complete bedroom re-do to have transformation; a little detail here and there goes a long way. The idea is to speak through your décor; scatter your personality around, so the bedroom truly feels like your own. Forget about the on-trend décor ideas and blog labeled ‘must-haves’; instead, tap into your authentic creativity to find unique décor elements that resonate with your style and theme. Take a trip to all your favorite stores and check in with that crafty YouTuber you love so much to find inspiration for your bedroom- you can thank us later.