A sofa is not a piece of furniture that can be bought randomly. Rather, every piece of furniture should be bought considering the rest of your belongings. You can buy a sofa that will match the color and decor of your room, or you can do it the other way round.

Buying a sofa first and then furnishing the room accordingly leaves you with no further dilemma. You can choose any sofa of your choice and work around it. But, buying a sofa after your room has already been furnished is a bit more complicated.

You first need to decide whether you want your modern sofas to blend in or stand out. For the former, you will have to choose the same color as that of the wall for your sofa. In this way, the sofa will become a part of it.

In the case of the latter, you can buy a vibrant colored sofa which will automatically make it the center of attention. But, it is usually advised to buy a sofa of a color that will complement the one painted on its surroundings, the walls, and other items.

Dark or Light

After you have decided on whether you want your sofa to be the center of focus or not, it is time to decide whether the color would be a dark shade or a lighter one.

The walls are not the only thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a color for your sofa. The floor also plays a huge role in deciding whether your sofa will be properly visible or not.

If your floorboards are dark in color, or the carpet covering them is dark, then a dark-colored sofa will be lost due to camouflage. It would be very difficult to distinguish it from the floor or carpet.

If you are still adamant about getting a dark-colored sofa, then make sure its legs are exposed and are of a lighter shade. This would ensure some distinction between the sofa and the floor or carpet.

A light-colored sofa solves the problems of camouflage but gives rise to other problems. The light color has the risk of getting dirty very easily. If the covers cannot be removed, then it would be difficult to clean them properly.

If you have messy children at home or the sofa is used a lot, then you might consider not getting very light shades. But even if you do, you can get slips for covers which would make it easier to clean the covers and keep the sofa clean.

Choice of color

When you are done with choosing the shade, it is time to choose the color. If you do not want your sofa to grab all the attention, then you can choose neutral colors. Neutral colors let you decorate around it according to your wish.

You might get bored with your room decor after a while and decide to give your room a makeover. Neutral colors are very flexible and can adapt to any design. Thus, the color of your sofa would be able to keep up with your changing style over the years.

But, if you want a specific color with a particular style, then go for it if you are completely sure. You would not be able to change the style on a drastic level, but it would endow you with constancy.


After choosing the color, you can use matching accessories to pair the sofa with. It can be smaller sofa seats, a coffee table, or cushions. Their colors and designs need to be chosen appropriately.