The old Town of Scottsdale is considered one of the finest urban centers in Arizona. The northern side of the desert city offers the largest urban wilderness area, which features 60 miles of trails through scenic desert terrain.

Buying a new home is a fairly complicated process, and you need a reliable real estate agent in Scottsdale who can help strike a deal with the seller. Most homes listed for sale are sold for the list price and do not remain on the list for more than a few days. Hence, working with a real estate agent is the way to go.

Here are few tips for finding the right real estate agent. 

Use Trusted Sources to Find a Real Estate Agent

You need to use trusted sources like Better Business Bureau or contact your friends in Scottsdale to get the names of a reliable real estate agent. The city has a competitive housing market with a score of 59. 

Most sellers and buyers use real estate agents to buy and sell their properties, respectively. 

Interview at Least Three Real Estate Agents

An interview is an excellent opportunity to know the real estate agent’s experience and working style. The main goal is to find a real estate agent familiar with a specific area in Scottsdale where you want to buy a new home. The real estate agent should understand your needs and budget and show properties that match them.  

You need to see how professional and polished the agent is. How does the real estate agent communicate? Do they spend time and effort to make a presentation while showing properties? Are they concerned about your needs? 

Some real estate agents are only concerned about their profit in the deal and will try to convince you to buy something that isn’t satisfactory, just so they can close off the sale and move on to the next one. You need to look for real estate agents who communicate well and have your best interests at heart at all times. 

How Many Years of Experience does the Real Estate Agent Have?

Experience is an important factor while choosing a real estate agent. You need a real estate agent who is aware of detailed buying and selling procedures in the city. 

According to the latest data, an average home goes from sale to pending within 31 days or less. It means the real estate agent has to act very fast when you are interested in buying some of the hot properties in Scottsdale. The more experience the real estate agent has, the better it will be for you. 

What Certification Does the Real Estate Agent Have?

The real estate agent in Scottsdale needs to have an Arizona Real Estate License to offer services to clients. The ADRE certification requires the applicant to show evidence for honesty, character, truthfulness, and competency. The real estate agent needs to renew his license every two years. 

Before working with any real estate agent, you need to check their license and ensure they can deal in properties in Scottsdale.

Check the Real Estate Agent’s Track Record

You need to check the agent’s track record and determine how many sales have been closed successfully. Ask the agent to provide contact information of previous buyers, so you can contact them and find out about their experience dealing with them. 

Scottsdale has a large real estate market, and the house ownership rate is 65.8%. The city has 63.8% homes constructed between 1970-1999. This means that a large number of homes listed for sale are old houses.

The real estate agent should have a good track record in buying old and new houses. The agent should also know the best neighborhoods in Scottsdale that suit your needs as well as your budget.