Even if you have a set of tools in the garage and construction experience under your belt, it is better to delegate roofing tasks to professionals. Installation and large-scale roof repairs are tasks that require special professionalism and specific skills, not to mention ladders and safety equipment for working at height.

As practice shows, any roofing projects, with the exception of minor seasonal repairs, are best left to the roofing contractor. But how do you find an experienced and reliable roofer contractor who will accurately cope with any roofing tasks and do his job impeccably well?

Look for a local company

There are several benefits to cooperating with local roofing contractor. Firstly, if the selected roofers have been working in your city for many years, then they most likely value their business reputation. Secondly, you can always look at the roofs that they repaired or installed next door to make sure of their professionalism.

If there is no roof contractor in your city, then choose specialists who have licenses to work in your area as well as a portfolio of completed projects – with photos available on the website or in a printed catalog.

Do not forget to check reviews about the company on its official website and on the pages of independent websites or local social networks. If your friends or colleagues have already used the services of the contractor, ask them to tell more about the pros and cons of those particular roofers. 

Check licenses

As mentioned above, the roofing company must have licenses and certificates to install and/or repair roofs in your area. Although it is not necessary to have a license to perform roofing services in some states, having a proper license will be an additional plus.

One more thing to check in advance is insurance. You don’t have to worry about the consequences if something happens to the roofers during roof installation or repairing.

Note that there are many types of roofs (residential or commercial, flat, gable or pitch roofs) and even more varieties of roofing materials. The roofer contractor you choose should have hands-on experience installing or repairing specific roofing constructions and roofing coverings.

Roofing materials

Roofing materials group consists of a dozen materials and even more brands. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses, its service life and price range. Ask your roofing specialists what material they think is best for your project and fits your budget.

It is undoubtedly good if the roofing contractor is a direct supplier of the manufacturer and an authorized installer – this way you can purchase roofing material at a reduced price. In addition, if you work with an authorized installer, you receive an official manufacturer’s warranty. Considering that the service life of modern roofing materials is from 10 to 50 years, this is an important nuance.

Ask for an estimate

Despite the fact that the pricing policy of the company is not the only factor of choice, it is certainly an important factor.

Most likely, you have no idea how much it will cost to repair an old or install a new roof. Call the roofing company and tell them about your project. Local roofing contractors most likely will send experts to you to inspect your object and make a detailed estimate concerning your requirements. Some roofing companies provide free estimates.

The estimate is only one of the documents that you should study before hiring a roofing contractor. The contract is no less important document to check in advance. If a roofing company works without a contract that sets out the terms, guarantees and financial agreements, then you’d better look for another contractor.