To update the interior and floors of your home, there is nothing better than a beautiful, modern rug. With the help of a rug, you can set the tone of your space. Selection of the right rug may depend on the design of your room.

You can choose between a floral design, shaggy rug and pared-back rug as per the size and theme of your room. Fortunately, the best designs are available online at Zanui. Check their online store for the latest variety of rugs. Here are some tips for buying modern rugs for your home.

Consider Room to Buy Rugs

You have to consider your room before selecting a rug. For each area, you can find different rugs. Footfall is more in kitchens and hallways as compared to a living room or bedroom. For this reason, choose an easy to clean and hardwearing rug.

For an area with heavy foot traffic, you can choose patterned or slightly dark shades. In the bedroom, you should avoid bold, loud rug patterns. You have to maintain a peaceful environment in your bedroom. Stick to silk, wool or cotton carpets. Vinyl rugs are not suitable with quirky features.

Size of Carpet

Carefully measure your space before buying a rug because it must fit perfectly. Make sure to avoid floating rugs in which the middle of the room will have one small rug. With the help of rugs, you can add a pattern or color to your room.

You have to consider furniture of your home when selecting the size. Try to buy a bigger carpet to go under furniture. If you are not sure about the size, you can use pieces of paper to cover the space. Cover the required space with paper to estimate the size of the rug. Remember, a large rug can dominate its pattern and color in the room.

Shape of Rugs

There is no need to choose a standard rectangular shape of rugs. Nowadays, different types of rugs are available for your space. For a circular dining table, you can buy a sizeable circular carpet to put underneath the chairs and table.

Patterns, Style and Color

If you want to make a statement, you can choose a colorful rug to add a splash of color to your room. Moreover, patterned rugs are suitable to add some personality to your room. Patterned rugs can make your room beautiful without making it bold.

Material for Rugs

Different materials are available for bedrooms, living rooms and children room. You have to consider if you have pets or children in your room. Acrylic is convenient to clean and hardwearing. It is a cheap alternative to wool.

Moreover, polypropylene is a synthetic fiber for a heavy traffic area. You can buy shaggy and weave design that feels soft. If you want to add a sheen/luxe finish, you can choose viscose. It is mixed with wool for top-rated results.

If you want soft underfoot, wool is a durable fiber. It is heat resistant and easy to clean. Some other options are jute, sisal and cotton.

You can purchase cleaning kits from the market for your rugs.