Choosing the right motorized gate for your property can be a challenge and there are some things you should know. From choosing the gate that will meet all your needs to having the right contractor do the installation, you need to pay attention to every detail. 

We’ve researched and highlighted 10 of the most popular steps that will make this process easier for you.

Consider Your Reasons

The first step is to always be sure of the reasons you want an automated gate for the property. This question is vital and majorly informs the kind of selection you will ultimately make. For example, if you want a driveway gate that offers security as well as privacy, you might consider a model that is hard to see through for passersby. 

Selecting the right gate comes down to an individual’s unique reasons and expectations.

Have a Budget

The options to choose from are many. What separates good and better is the type of gate you choose. While cheap gates may be a go-to for many seeing to spend less, they are more prone to wear and tear. They eventually end up “costing more” due to the regular maintenance and might not be as effective. So, always have a plan and predetermine the amount you are willing to spend. There are various options at different costs and this guide will guide you.

If having challenges, automated gate experts will help you choose a gate option with the right components that are within your budget and meet all your needs.

Learn About the Products

There is power in knowledge. And, the more you understand about these gates the better your choice is likely to be. Be sure to research and learn about most gates in the market including slide gates, swing gates, and double swing gates. This way, you are sure to go for the best option for your property. Make sure to know much about the gate opener and the construction materials used. Also, you might need to know beforehand if the gate you choose will need installing an intercom system.

The knowledge picked will be vital during the installation. It will help you ask the right questions and make the right decisions during the process.

Location For the Gate

Where do you want the gate to sit? Swing into the property or out? These are vital questions to guide the selection process. Location is a major factor that informs the type of gate you might choose. Most residential sites will have a gate sitting at the end of their property with either side being fenced. You might not have the flexibility of choosing a location if your property is like this. 

For those whose driveway is extremely long, you might have to consider installing a telephone entry system for easier access by your guests. Automated gates are incredibly convenient – if you get the choice right.

Check the Various Designs

Considering the gate designs of the automated gate you might be going for is vital. It is a strategy as much as it is a matter of personal preference. If you already have a fence in place, you might want to consider choosing a design that complements it and enhances the streetscape. And, if you are artistic, some gates have some unique designs on them- make sure you check them out. Additionally, the quality of the gate is an important consideration. You don’t want a gate that will not function at the top-level for years to come. 

Contact Contractors in Your Locality

Have you identified your choice? It is exactly what you want for the property? Then, you may start contacting installers. Experts from advise that you go for a certified technician with tons of experience in the bag. Your security is at stake, take no shortcuts. An insured, bonded and licensed contractor makes this decision easier. 

Installing the gate right will provide the protection you need and prevent your dog from “breaking out”. Get a qualified installer, they understand this.

Weigh Different Contractors

Make a list of all the potential contractors in your area and select one that best serves what’s important to you. Every contractor will have different experience levels. So, ask how many installations they have done and for how long they have been in the business. Also, find out about their customer service. You might want a dedicated one should you have any issues with your automated gate. And, it is always a great thing to find out about their specialization in certain materials. To be safe, choose a contractor that specializes in the exact type of gate you select.

Make the Choice

With the information on contractors and their specializations, a final decision can be made. The experienced contractor chosen will handle the remaining process professionally. They’ll give a quote, installation date, and other vital information you need to know about the process.

Remember; installing an automated gate means spending quite some money- it is only fair you have it installed professionally and correctly. 

Get the Gate Installed

After all these steps, it is time to have the gate installed. The contractor will give you a list of things needed before the installation can begin. Go through the list thoroughly and understand every detail. Once you have everything ready, sit back, and wait to see how great your choice will be on the property.

Consider Maintenance

You have the gate, and it looks as magnificent as you envisioned. But something else to consider is the necessary maintenance that might be needed. Your contractor will help you with this by setting up a maintenance schedule to ensure the gate is operating at maximum efficiency for years to come. Some contractors have annual, quarterly, or even monthly maintenance schedules. Be sure to confirm and always have a certified technician do it. 

A good technician will keep an eye for any repairs that can be fixed before they develop into a big issue. 

Now that you have these 10 tips, choosing an automated gate should be easier for you. Pay attention to details and most importantly, work with a contractor you can trust!