Moving to a new home requires a lot of work and careful planning. When you hire a moving company you want to ensure that they are treating your belongings with a lot of care as if it is their own stuff.

Moving is already a very stressful process, that’s why it is important to hire a moving company that will ease your anxiety. There are steps to follow to find the best and most professional moving company that will make moving to a new home very painless.

Here are the best tips to find a great moving company.

Ask for recommendations from people you trust

The best recommendations will come from friends and family who hired a moving company. Everyone had to move at some point in their life, ask around and begin noting their experiences whether it is good or bad.


Read the reviews

Many companies allow their customers to write reviews on their sites. Spend some time reading all the comments on their site and on third-party sites.

Some customers will give great tips on the moving companies they have tried such as how long it took to move all of the furniture, if the movers were on time, and how professional they are.

Compare companies to each other

When choosing moving companies arlington va, begin writing down the pros and cons of each company you are considering to hire. Don’t only compare the prices, as that won’t indicate all of the services that they offer.

It’s important to choose the company that will do the best job and protect your property. Some companies will also offer discounts and bonuses that will sweeten the deal.

Check if they offer insurance

Accidents can happen at any time, and that includes when your furniture is being moved to a new home. Before choosing a moving company, ask about their insurance policy to ensure that you will be reimbursed if anything happens to your belongings.


Ask for a breakdown of how much everything will cost

Before choosing a moving company or agreeing to a price, ask for a full breakdown that shows all of the services and how much everything costs. You want to make sure that the company is not adding hidden fees or charging you for services that you did not agree to.

The breakdown of the cost will also show you which company is bundling several services together for a better price than companies who charge you based on each service.

Confirm that they respect your requests

If moving your belongings requires very specific rules, check with the moving company that they will respect your requests. For example, if you have a vase that belonged to your grandmother, then you want to make sure that they will protect it.

The amount of respect and care that the movers will have for your belongings will narrow down your search for a moving company. Professionalism and high quality services are important when you have movers handling your moving boxes and furniture.