There’s nothing like a makeover project to breathe a new lease of life into your home when it’s feeling dull or tired and needs some love putting back into it. This can often be the case if a space becomes a storage or spare room that is mostly disused and left alone, which can mean it lacks identity. For anyone with this issue, we’ve compiled some TLC tips below that are sure to make any neglected space feel like part of your home again.

Choose your theme

Before decorating, choose how you want to feel when you walk into the room and what you want to use the space for. There are many designs to consider – from a modern and minimal aesthetic if you’re transforming your spare room into an office or workroom, or a cosy cabin feel if it’s going to be a reading nook or home cinema – once you’ve decided on what you and the family will use the room for, it’ll make your vision much clearer about what to include, how to design and where to start.


Mix materials and finishes

Mixed materials don’t have to look garish and cluttered, providing you chose the right colours and tones. Use soft materials such as rattan chairs, thick wool throws or velvet cushions to break up simple, plain designs. This is also a great alternative to redecorating, as you’re adding depth and sophistication without a lot of maintenance. Alternatively, keep your design minimal with a simple colour story; you could opt for nude tones, a range of blue hues or pastels depending on the vibe you’re going for. For a contrast, mixed metals such as a gold mirror stand or silver picture frames on a side table will keep the feel of your room delicate and light.

Incorporate gallery pieces

Antiques, art and decorative pieces not only add dimension to a room, they can also act as a feature or centre piece to enhance the personality and feel of your overall aesthetic. You could also make a statement or gallery wall by mixing and matching art, sizes, colours and frame designs for a trendy, modern style that will intrigue and capture the attention of guests.

Let the light in

For a space to become its most welcoming and positive, natural light is a must and a great starting point for upgrading any room. Tom Swallow, Sales Director at Quickslide, says: “Where windows need updating, consider a statement style such as windows and doors from Quickslide to allow light to flow through your newly designed space.”


If your spare room doesn’t have any natural light, make the most of artificial light with soft white tones that will make your room appear warm and cosy. This can be maximised by introducing large mirrors and reflective surfaces throughout the room, so that light can bounce around.

Make it multi-functional

With the right pieces of furniture, even the smallest rooms can be savvy and well-designed with the use of multi-functional furniture. For a guest room, use a comfy pull-out sofa bed or a desk that can open to become a dressing table. This not only maximises space but allows the room to become useful to all occupants of the home while not restricting the room to one function.


Give it purpose

By designing your room with purpose, it is more likely to encourage you to spend time there, along with the rest of your household, and less likely to end up as a storage room or become a neglected part of the house. It is important to make use of the space available to get the most out of your home, so by revamping your spare room, you’ll be more inclined to dedicate some time each day to doing things you love. This could include working out, reading or binge-watching new releases as part of your self-care routine. Enjoy your new room once you’ve given it a new lease of life!