Suppose you’re partial to throwing the odd garden party. In that case, you’ll be all too familiar with how exciting the process can be, from arranging the outdoor space to hanging the decorations and making everything look sleek and soiree-ready. 

But some factors need to be taken into consideration when organizing such a large-scale event. With the Christmas countdown upon up, it’s not long now until the festive parties begin – so here are some top tips on how to get your garden ready for the ultimate party this winter. 

Weather Preparation

I know what you’re thinking, “Outdoor party? In the middle of winter? In the UK?” but trust us when we say that with the proper preparation a winter garden party can be a great success! First thing’s first, you’ll need to check the weather right up until the day of the party itself to take appropriate measures to protect you against whatever weather has been forecasted. A combination of marquees and outdoor heaters is a great solution to providing both shelter and warmth during the winter months. 

Select a Party Theme

Whether you’re choosing a simple color scheme or a full-blown theme for your party, you need to decide how you want the aesthetics of your party to look overall so that you can buy matching decorations. This could be golds and silvers or botanical garlands to lay as center pieces on tables. Or perhaps you want to create a winter wonderland theme with snowflake bunting paired with white and icy-blue tones for your napkins and balloons. Be sure to think ahead to lighting, too if your party plans on running into the evening. Faux flicker candles make a great safe outdoor lighting, alongside garden LEDs and twinkly fairy lights that can be entwined on tabletops and throughout trees and decking.

Consider Furniture

It’s important to consider outdoor furniture so that there’s enough seating for everyone who is attending. Creating a seating plan can be a great idea to collect RSVPs and place guests in groups of familiar friendships to ensure everyone has a dedicated place at the table. You may also wish to have a separate gift table, so you have a different place where you can store gifts and birthday cards taken from guests upon their arrival. 

Outdoors’s food and drink set-up

Deciding on the type of food to serve at an outdoor party can be difficult. You obviously need to avoid foods that require constant heat, such as soup or things like mashed potatoes, where the texture can be mushy and unpleasant if cold. If you do decide to service these foods, you may want to consider a warm buffet area, or special equipment. 

However typical party food works well, that can be eaten warm and is still appealing when slightly cooled down and placed on a regular table. 

Considering a bar area, or drinks table is a good idea. You may also want to provide your guests with something warm to drink, as well as all the typical cold, party drinks. Warm drinks like hot chocolate for kids, or mulled wine would be a fantastic idea to stop your guests from getting too chilly. Sourcing the correct set-up for your bar area is the best solution to this.