House model with real estate agent and customer discussing for contract to buy house, insurance or loan real estate background.

Whether you are buying a house or selling one, it is probably going to be one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime. And to make sure that everything goes right, it is important that the person you choose for the job is the right one, too.

A lot of people choose their realtors after relying on their sweet word of mouth, their fancy suit, and a stylish business card. It is safe to say that those people probably don’t get a deal as good as people who choose realtors wisely after looking at their portfolios, references, and personality.

If you are on the stage where you are about to choose a realtor from the Real Estate Agent Directory, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Read them below!

1. Understandable personality and positive attitude

It is important to choose a realtor whose personality and attitude matches with you, who is as excited to make this sale or purchase as you, and who is going to understand your concerns and will support you instead of making it seem like you are being the problem.

If you are young and vibrant with full of positivity, you might not need a 60-year old realtor who asks you to fax them their documents. 

You might be in constant touch with your realtor for a long time, and maybe after the deal too, so you need someone who has a problem-solving and convenient attitude with a positive personality.

2. Knowledge of market trends

It might not seem like a necessity to have a realtor who has complete knowledge of the market – you only need to make your deal, why worry about the market, right? 

Well, do you really need your realtor to get you a bad deal because they have no idea how the market works? Guess not. 

There are some newly entered realtors who might convince you to hire them, but they wouldn’t have the required field experience to possibly know about market trends. 

Having someone who knows how the market works is an extremely big advantage. If your home is going to be sold for more money after 3 months than now, your realtor should be able to tell you that. Similarly, if there is a house you can get for cheaper rates if you wait for a month or so, you should know that. 

3. Neighborhood familiarity

Suppose you got a really good house on a pretty good deal. However, you wake up every morning to the sound of warehouse machinery operating extremely loudly. How would you feel about that? 

The mistake would be of your realtor that they didn’t tell you about this. They took you on a house visit over the weekend and now you are waking up to loud and disturbing noises. This is why a realtor should have neighborhood knowledge – and certainly, a realtor should be credible enough for you to believe that information.

4. References and reviews

In modern times, it would be foolish to hire a realtor without properly looking at their references and reviews. Almost every successful realtor now has an online presence, where people leave reviews and feedbacks about their services, attitude, and provisions.

Moreover, references are very important. By looking at the realtor’s portfolio, you can contact people who have been the clients of that realtor previously. You can ask them about how they liked the service, if they would go for the same realtor again, or if you should go for them with what plans you have.

5. Credentials and documents

The last thing you need amidst your house plans is being scammed by a realtor who wasn’t even qualified for the job. After having a couple of cups of tea together and cracking a few jokes about the neighborhood, people fall for the realtors who don’t even have the proper credentials and licenses. 

You need to keep in mind that a real estate agent must have a license and is familiar with all the estate laws – don’t want legal problems after the deal. 

Beyond that, some realtors earn certain credentials and affiliations to get an edge. For instance, if someone has completed the Senior Realtor Program, they are much more qualified to serve people over the age of 50 than those who haven’t done the program.

So, look for credentials to make sure you get the best service.

Final Word

You only get a few chances to save money on house deals. Keep the 5 aforementioned things in your mind and choose your realtor wisely.