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Your backyard should be a getaway, a place where you can relax and unwind. Install a pergola and achieving this goal becomes easier. This one addition can take the backyard from mundane to amazing in little time. With many pergola designs to choose from, finding the right option for your needs is effortless.

Minimalist Modern

A simple, modern pergola, such as those found at The Luxury Pergola, uses clean lines and very little ornamentation for a contemporary look. Opt for a crisp, white structure and transparent roof panels that allow light through while offering shade. Surround with pots of lush green plants for a relaxing oasis.

Rustic Farmhouse

Embrace the classic farmhouse aesthetic with a rough-hewn cedar pergola. Let the wood age naturally for patina over time. Add vintage-inspired details like galvanized metal roofing and hanging baskets overflowing with cascading flowers. A gravel or brick patio completes the timeworn style.

Mediterranean Courtyard

Install a stucco pergola for a Mediterranean feel. Complete the look with terracotta roof tiles and some potted citrus trees. You’ll feel like you are rejuvenating in Spain or Italy.

Tropical Paradise

Install a pergola with a thatched roof and bamboo posts and transform your backyard into a tropical paradise. Choose vibrant colors and decorative wood accents inspired by Balinese or Hawaiian design. Surround the structure with lush elephant ear plants, birds of paradise, and other tropical greenery.

English Garden Retreat

Design a pergola structure with a traditional English garden theme, perfect for afternoon tea or quiet reading. Select rolling cedarwood hills, treated pine posts, and a weathered tin roof. Include hanging wisteria or roses, wooden garden seats, and beds of colorful perennials.

Paved Patio Centerpiece  

Use an open-style pergola with beam rafters as the central focus point on a paved patio or deck. Low-maintenance materials mean you spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying the pergola. To get more enjoyment from the structure, include features such as fans or heaters and built-in benches.

Backyard Movie Theater

Transform your pergola into a backyard movie theater for memorable movie nights under the stars. Get a waterproof, outdoor projector screen system and electronic projector. Install speakers and adorn the space with hanging string lights for a festive ambiance.

Outdoor Kitchen

Cook, dine, and entertain outdoors under a custom pergola with a full outdoor kitchen. Integrate amenities like a stone pizza oven, barbeque grill station, mini fridge, and sink. Use weather-resistant materials like stone, brick, or concrete. Include a dining table and seating area.  

Backyard Pool House

Situated near your swimming pool, a pergola with a retractable canopy provides shade on bright days but allows sunbathing when open. Choose fans for airflow and add a hammock, lounge chairs, side tables, and a minibar or fridge so everything needed is close at hand poolside.

Four Season Garden Room

Fully enclose your pergola on all sides with screens and clear panels to create a four-season garden room. Add a heater, fan, and comfortable cushioned furniture to use the space nearly year-round. Decorate with indoor/outdoor rugs and lush potted plants for an airy, living room feel.

Regardless of which style you select, you can customize the pergola to make the space perfect in every way. The structure will not only provide shelter but will allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor living space. Use the pergola for entertaining, dancing under the stars, relaxing with a good book, or whatever you desire.